22 days in flower need little help

So my super lemon haze is 22 days into flower an she doing great , I kno she going defoliate but still for knowledge what’s going on ! Its jus lower fan leaves will low middle being I chop bottom @yoshi @Hellraiser @Mark0427 @dbrn32 @RandyMarsh @PurpNGold74 1628741658543795226533835318861|375x500


Harder to tell but looks like they were just possible leaves that got wet and burned. Might be wrong. Seems like only a few bottoms. Has anything gotten any worse since uve noticed it at all. Were them leaves on the dirt after being watered. All seems to look ok uptop. Did u happen to get an runoff numbers when u did a water or feed last. If not next water or feed get the ph and ppms of mix before u water and after it drips from the bottom of plant catch enoigh in a small bowl and get the readings on that. Let a little bit drip off before u catch as ull let some dirt or nute powder wash off the outer bag before u catch.


Doesn’t look like canopy us full of large fan leaves, so probably not too much to take.

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Yeah wouldn’t worry too much over the lower leaves.

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Now’s the time to lollipop if you’re going to do it.

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I had Lilli pop my zkittles but recently had to trash 2 . tears… Well I got more room in my tent n more time to focus on the other 11 autos n 1 photo… I’m thinking of lollipoping white widow or girlscout cooking xtreme