21days of 12 /12 light but no signs of flowering

It’s been 21 days since I flipped 12/12 light scedual and no signs of flowering what am I doing wrong

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Welcome to the forum? How old are the plants?

There about 2.5 months they took ages to get going and not sure if I had the right lighting to start off with

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They should be plenty old enough then. If I had to guess you have a light leak or you’re disrupting their dark time.


I don’t disrupt there dark time at all and there shouldn’t be a light leak that I no of unless abit gets through the doors

Have you switched to a mild flowering formula? Too much N will inhibit flowering. They look like they’re getting ready to flower by the lighter green in the new growth.

Yes I have switched to a flowering formula but started to get a little bit of Chen burn on the blue dream so I’ve just been giving water for the past 3 days

What are you using to grow in? Standard doors like in a closet won’t keep light out.

Try sitting in your space with all the lights outside your grow space turned on. Give it a few minutes for your eyes to adjust, if you can see light its probably enough to keep a plant from flowering.


Ohk I’ll check it out to see if that’s the problem if so do I restart my 12/12roster from scratch

I usually take note of when I put plants into flower schedule, but I don’t consider them flowering until I see pistils on 12/12 schedule. If you find and correct a light leak I would consider that the first day of 12/12 anyway.


Welcom growmie! Just chiming in but those pots look like they’re not letting the plants roots breath. imo you should transplant to fabric pots too. Hope everything works out.

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How would I transplant them now wouldn’t that effect my grow ?

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Yea man there was a light leak problems fixed now :slight_smile: how do they look this is my first grow ever still got no idea really but learning as I go hence why I haven’t tried any training techs just wanted to get everything else right first


Glad you got it sorted out. I think they look good too! I wouldn’t worry about training until you’re ready. That’s just a way to get your plants to produce a little more weed. You can easily run an extra plant if you need to and shorten your veg time up. There’s lots of ways to be successful growing really, take your time and figure out what works best for you.


Yeah like @dbrn32 said you will be good now @Beginersluck01 welcome to the forum :wink:

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