21 days just look at them

Uploading…. 21 days can u tell the young one

the one in the middle? haha looks like your pic didn’t upload. Try it again! @Crm


I’ll bet they look great, it’ll just take 21 days to upload the pictures they’re huge. lol

May be u can help on here. I can’t figure out how to get pics An info an
web page ?? Thank you

Maybe u can help me

Maybe you can help me on here


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I was just going to offer my help with regards to uploading the pics, but looks like that has been resolved.

Are you having problems with your grow? @Crm

tag me back like I tagged you with the @ in front of the username!

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Hello @Crm sorry but I didn’t see your post until just now. I’m glad to see you figured out how to post a picture. I just usually copy and paste them into my post. If you run into any problems or just have a question to ask just tag one of the many knowledgeable people like @bob31. By the way your grow looks very happy.

I will try but the pic was two days ago
But look at them now @bob31

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Doing a quick look through, they look ok to me? If there is a problem with them you’d like me to see then please take a pic under white or natural light and zoom into the particular area @Crm