21 days into flower, think she’s finally slowed down a bit on the stretch, just a general observation post, how does she look?

  • Method: Soil fox farm happy frog, nutes are grow big big bloom and tiger bloom, I have stopped with the nutes to let the soil do the leg work. So just fresh 6.5 ph water for feeding. I also added a natural bug deterrent for gnats, got predatory nematodes in her today to try to up her defenses before the final leg of the journey. I also have stakes in her pot to help hold her up, optimize light for the little guys down lower and hold up the colas for when she starts to plump up for harvest, how does she look? She’s an older plant, hasn’t been flower not but 3 weeks exact, but it’s March and I planted her seed in November. Trichomes are coming in and she seems to be ok, just wanted some opinions from people who are more experienced. I’ve heard of some strains growing for a long time so I hope her potency is up there. Also, I turned my airflow fan up, and added another one on the inside, the humidity has been getting way to high at night…58% grrr. Is there anyway besides more airflow to lower the humidity with at home remedies? Not going to go get a dehumidifier
    right now.

21 days into flower
29 inches tall
24 inches from tallest cola to the full spectrum 600watt LED light.

  • Vessels: little over 5 gal
    PH of Runoff: 5.9
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution after feeding(feeding runoff) ppm 2208 EC 3.0
  • Indoor
  • Light : Full spectrum LED, can’t remember but wattage is up there, she is bright. 600 watt I believe
  • Temps; 78 day 72 night
  • Humidity; 45 % to 53% day, 58% night. I added a small fan on the inside to try and lower the humidity.
  • Ventilation system; Yes, fan blowing in air from floor and sealed off tubing.
  • Fan inside small desk fan
  • Co2; No

Plant looks very nice. Your buds are starting to grow. I noticed in one picture that your light looks like a burple light as most call them. They can produce weed for you but the results are not what you would get from a better light. No matter how good a grower you are, lights are the king makers. Great grow you have. happy growing :rofl: :bat:


@thecount13 even with veg and bloom on? Full spectrum 600 watts?

@thecount13 the light was expensive and from a good source , it has veg and bloom spectrums and I have both on, 600w full spectrum LED, just trying to understand how that’s not going to produce me good bud? When all I’ve seen with good bud is purple lights and or white, which I have a full spectrum 1000w light as well. I’m just confused on how you say it all looks nice but you still won’t get that good of stuff…???

Chinese marketing BS in full force there, they make it up as they go. The light is not 600 watts. Most chinese “600 watt” LED lights are far from an actual 600 watts and really in 60-135 real watts range.

If you bought it recently and paid more than $65 then you paid too much as there are plenty of “600 watt full spectrum” led lights on amazon for $65.

Yeah, that’s not going to be 1000 watts either or anywhere near it, perhaps use both your “600 watt” and “1000 watt” light together (to get a couple hundred real watts) to light this plant and it’ll help get the most out of it as far as yield and bud size and density.

I have a 600w Bestva and also a 600w King Plus. They each draw 125W. In the middle is a Kind 50w light bar for flower. The combination does OK to flower a 2x2 space.


You’ve been on this forum for a bit and received good info. Hope you wrote it down because I’m guessing you’ll be shown the door soon.
Bye Felicia :smile:

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Just trying to help, I never said to buy the best light or to buy anything, just suggested you use both the lights you already have to make the best of it, no reason for all the foul language.

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