21 day update Looking good!

@Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62 @Aolelon @dbrn32 @Jamie1234 I started the nutes yesterday. 1/4 recommended of FF grow big per gallon which she got 3/4 a gallon fed. Runoff and soil PH is just below 6 but I will take it since this is Frankies first feeding. Would diluting the leftover mix with half a gallon water (distilled) and ph balancer be okay you think next watering? I water twice a week. Sat or Sun (water) then Wed or Thurs (mix).


Looking pretty good. I always have a problem feeding leftover nutes. When I leave it out for a couple days and I go back to use it, it smells completely rancid, so I don’t ever water my plants with it. I am not using FF Grow big though so im unsure if that would be the case. I don’t see why it would be a problem, it would be such a small amount. You could definitely try it, and if you see nute burn you know your limit would be a little over 1/4 dose atm

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I was thinking shelf life also. Better safe than sorry. I’ll just use it to practice pH balancing. @Aolelon

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Yes, but check your P H next watering…ok


@garrigan62 I check every watering and check the soil every morning. Adding the nutes brought it down to near perfect levels

@Chip_Butterfield I do water on Mondays and water and nutes on Thursday. I started 1\4 tsp tiger bloom with a gallon of water but only put in about 3/4 of it for Thursday night watering

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@garrigan62 Ole Frankie showed signs of “overwatering/lack of soil air” this morning and PH was low (5.06). She got a bit droopy and fan leaf ends were curling up. Soil was a wet block so I transferred into leftover soil mixture with some current wet soil which is much looser and airy without exposing any main roots which she did not appreciate. Also raised her up onto a bucket about a foot closer to the light to dry the soil out a bit a couple days before adding some pH up balance. She isn’t close enough for light burns though. Hope she makes it through or it’s back to the drawing board.

I notice that this strain is bushier than what I expected so it might also be that the fan leaves are just heavy.

EDIT: PH now is 5.4 but I am going to let her be before adding anything else to her. She looks a little less droopy, though.

Current Pics post transfer

Anyone got any suggestions or corrections besides time and patience, or at least to say I’m going about this right, feel free to let me know. What I wouldn’t give for some Hydroxyguard right now :neutral_face:

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They look fine @Chip_Butterfield and welcome to the forum! The Grow Big nute, you really should give the recommended dosage. you wont hurt your plant and it will love you a lot more. You do need to get your ph up. That’s a small plant in a small pot and you could get away with a 1/2 gal or less for now. There are a couple things to remember, ph, ph and ph… ok that’s 3 adjust your ph up to 6.8 next few feedings then check your run off… And try not to micro manage her… not every thing u see requires a corrective action… good luck with your grow


Things are looking good @Chip_Butterfield welcome to the sandbox . It really isnt worth the few pennies you save by keeping mixed nutes I just dump the extra in the house plants when I have some. The ph will continue to change over time also . I even rinse to jug after feeding to get the salt they use to stabilize liquid nutrients out of the container.

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@Sasquatch I put 4 cups of water (around 1/8 of a gallon) after letting the top layer dry out overnight and I misted the leaves. Top fan leaf is browning around the edge by the stem, but she is perking back up. Going to ease her back up to speed. PH this morning was around 6 after watering. I did a pH test on distilled water early this morning when I couldn’t sleep after I calibrated the pH meter. Nice urine yellow sample with a pH of 6.8.

I just ordered some hydroguard as a preventive measure (thank you prime :D) as well as some Sensai calmag which will arrive in a week or so.

Thanks for the tips. I will definitely keep all it in mind. I have dealt with root rot with my last seedlings and I’m sure I’m just being overly sensitive about it. I have a soil mix of FFOF with organic potting soil and perlite in a 3 gallon fabric pot. I’ll wait a few more weeks when everything is strait and I add the supplements. Might add a thin layer of extra Ocean Forest on the top to keep the ph where it should be.

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Day 42 from germination. Day 5 flowering. Finally worked out a nute pattern for the next few weeks that will work out well as she is responding greatly.

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