21 day trim opinions for a newbie

Howdy folks— Wednesday will be the 28th day since I switched to 12/12 and 21 from pistils on all three. I’ve read a fair bit, like everyone here, but these are my first three plants. I might just need some reassurance…

The MK Ultra takes up a little over 1/2 tent on the left. Blue Dream is smallest in the middle and GG is sneaky on the right. I tried to show you all the tent and the individuals so you can help me figure out how hard to trim which ladies.

Thanks in advance,I wouldn’t have made it this far without you all!!

Tent 1:

Tent 2:


Blue Dream


Thanks all, truly appreciated!!


nice looking grow…you are at the exact point that I do my last heavy trim of fan leaves all over…but your girls don’t look too over leafed


About 4 weeks (about half way through flower) I take any fan leaf that is : 1. Blocking light from a bud 2. Discolored or Ill 3. Not on top 1/3 of plant. Honestly, I usually leave the ones not blocking buds cuz the plant still needs to make energy for growth. When almost ready to harvest (maybe a week and half out) I remove any fan leaves left, keep the sugar leafs. That is one remarkable grow, fantastic job!


Great looking grow. Do you have anymore head room to raise your light? Getting pretty close, and looks like a powerful light.

Agree with @Retiredoldguy and the last defoliation and the appearance of yours. I would take off the larger fans blocking the lower bud sites and clean the bottom 1/3rd up for increased air circulation. Well done, they look great :love_you_gesture:


Agree with the rest great looking grow and not much defoliation is needed

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Thank you, I’ll post pics after the clipping is done! I have another 18” or so for height. I’ve been trying to bend and tuck, but the MK got a little ahead of me. The others are raised up to keep pace and still don’t. The Blue Dream barely wants 1 gallon a week while the MK is bone dry from 2 gallons every other day!!

Hi there, im new. Lol i just finished my very 1st grow with this same group from ilgm.

Plus a friends blueberry. . I picked and pruned and pulled these girls all the time… now knowing what ive learned, im lucky they made it to harvest lol. Tough plants :sweat_smile: :grimacing:


Talk about strech baby lol

You have a couple of full tents. Great forest you have. Whatever you are doing, keep dooing.

How big r the tents? What light are those?
They look nice and long. fit tent great

Thank you! Not sure about @TT but mine is a 2x4x8. Light is a Kind x420 and is about the same size minus a couple inches. Tent is full with these three ladies!