2023 Central Va Grow

Tough on having to harvest early, but you harvested nice buds!!! Let’s hope it smokes really good.

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The white widow autos reek to high heaven in a good way and are sticky as hell. The gold leaf photo has almost zero smell and zero stickiness. I nipped a little bud off the photo when wet trimming. Dried it and sampled it. Got high AF. I got Virginia’s version of the medical marijuana card last weekend and visited the dispensary. My photo smokes as good as the medicinal. :thinking:
I will concede it doesn’t taste as good but I haven’t cured mine yet.


Good to hear your early harvest buds smoke good. We are in the same area and suffered from the humidity and some early in flower bud rot. We harvested one of our four Master Kush early and dried and burped appropriately. The surviving 3 Master Kush were looking close to harvest and we have been plucking tiny tobacco worms off the buds before any worm rot occurs. Had to harvest 1 of the 3 a bit early. Still have removed bits of bud rot, but only lost about 1/2 oz from the remaining 8 ft. and 5 ft. flowering plants. We plan to harvest in 3 days, rinse in hydrogen peroxide and water (which can take care of remaining bugs, eggs, etc) and get them into the dry room. We used a 4x6x8 mini greenhouse on our deck to protect from rain and view. We learned about humidity the hard way via the start of bud rot and implemented a good sized fan to keep air circulating…that workd well. I have 2 oz in jars and 4 oz dried and ready for jars. Now to remain vigilant for worms and rot for a few days and then cut & clean. The support here in the forum has been awesome and helped save most of our buds.
Here’s 2 pics: first is of our mini greenhouse w 3 plants, second is of a current bud w trichomes as of today.

Blessings on your grow :v: :evergreen_tree: :slightly_smiling_face:


A few late season shots. Have 11 jars nicely loaded, with two plants building some nice Phase 2 buds. All Gold Leaf


Awesome man. Nice to have the stash put up and curing!