2022 grow season. Who’s in?

Just ordered beans. Gold leaf. Looking forward to this years grow.


I had a harvest last November and haven’t grown since. I’m going to drop a gorilla glue seed here in another month or 2.

Welcome back and happy growing.


I have beans leftover from last season I will start in May, probably. Starting them in March last year was a bad idea.

Amnesia Haze, Herijuana and CBD Critical Mass.

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I’ve got 2 GSCE autos, 4 Blueberry autos, and 2 Black Widow x PoisonBerry Autos going out middle of next month!! Have a great season everybody!!!


got 5 WWA growing right now. window shopping for my next grow


I’m gonna try to get two grows in this year


Ive got 4ww and 2 ak47 going now. Planning on kicking two of the WW out of the tent soon to become monsters outdoors.


Are you running autos, or doing light deprivation.

Going to use autos

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I’m in!! Going with 4 GDP photo fem and 4 GOD photo fem. Dropping them in water this evening and hopefully we’ll be solo cupping it in a few days until Mothers Day!! Then it’s out into the yard! Woo hoo im really looking forward to this years grow! :seedling:

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And here we gooooo!

Got them in r/o water on a seedling mat lid covered for darkness and multiple :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Happy growing, Deez has me sold on the gold leaf. You should check his thread if you want to see it in action. I will be watching if you keep us up to date. I will have to try it. My biggest problem is too many strains to try. Ha. I am an outdoor grower myself. Out west in WA.

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@noddykitty1 once I get these ladies underway I’m planning on running a grow journal for the entirety. I’d love your thoughts and advice along the way. We don’t have to be Biggie/Tupac-East Coast/West Coast lol. Nothing but love on my journey.

Nice to meet you @Fieldofdreams. I have seen you on a few threads. I am pretty new on here and am just getting my bearings in this community. Like who grows what where and how. Been reading a lot of journals lately. I made one about running seeds in the winter. But mostly crickets. Only my grow buddies that jumped over from homegrown community. There’s a whole group of us now. So I have been chiming in more on threads all over.

Once I get going this spring I will post in my thread again. Here’s what I am doing this year:

  1. Jillybean. From TGA line “candy cut” seattle growers collective. Closed now due to legalization.
    My first keeper. Kept clone since 2006. My favorite strain. Very mold resistant.

  2. Durban poison. From seattle growers collective. Kept clone since 2007. Very bug and mold resistant. Good old reliable. Fast Sativa. Good morning smoke.

  3. Dj short blueberry. This is the third year working w this. Mainly it is impervious to rain. In a class by itself. Pinch me mold resistance. Kind of a stretch monster. Currently crossing to all my keepers. I expect great things.

  4. Strawberrycough x Durban poison. My own cross. Working with the f3s this year. Strawberry cough was too slow so I sped it up w the Durban. Was the idea. Smokes nice

  5. Rasta Jeff strawberry starburst. Honestly, not the best mold resistance, but it’s fast. Mine finished setember 1st. I ran 2 packs last summer and kept my favorite as a clone. Strawberry terps are superior and this plant is lovely.

  6. Crossed 4 to 5 this winter. Hope I get some strawberry magic. So (strawberry cough x Durban poison f3) x keeper cut strawberry starburst. Ran 3 different S Cough x Durban males I selected to the same Sstarburst lady. We shall see.

    Flowered, pollinated, reveged, seeds harvested strawberry starburst clone. Bansai in a 1.5” strawberry start pot.

  7. Gorilla glue crosses. What I mean is I love GG for trichome craziness. I have tried 3 different lines and all took the rain. All also were just meh on the terps. Anyway, trying these this year. It’s a terp hunt. Will find a boy and girl keeper from each pack.

  8. Sweet island skunk. Clone gift I have ran 7 years. It’s a heirloomed Vancouver BC cut. Smells like a bowl of tropical fruit. Never hit the skunk. But handles some rain. Sadly, I made the heartbreaking choice to make this our last date. She never finishes until November 1st or so.

  9. Chemdog. Cut I was gifted about 10 years ago. Good smoke. Great taste. Handles the rain. I have put lots of pollen to it but so far none have been worthy.

  10. Jillybean x dj short blueberry. New F1. We shall see. These are the 2 best mold resistant strains in my keeper collection. I wasn’t going to pop any this year with all the GG packs I’m pheno hunting. I guess I have no control.
    Seeds ripening:

I dumping 5 keepers from collection this year. I had to make room. Still have seeds in storage of them if I need to pull them out again. Best tip ever is keep a grow log. I will run 2 of each of these in my main raised beds. Grow em big.

I will also be playing with a bunch of prove it stuff. Those all get 1-3 gallon pots to prove it in. They don’t get a place in the raised bed until they prove it. Mold resistance mainly to be honest. That is what I do with gift cuts from buddies; or winners from pheno hunts. I share seeds with my local grow buddies because it’s good karma. Also they help me with the pheno hunts.

Since I have no control I am sure some more of this years keeper crosses (seeds runs) will be alive by the time the solstice rolls along. Ha

I also threw pollen from a Flo male onto a blueberry girl. My friend ran Flo and gave me a male he yanked. I sure dj short tried this. But why not….?


@noddykitty1 WOW. Trust me I’m not worthy. You are seriously like a 5th degree black belt and I’m like someone stumbling through a new room in the dark bumping into more than I want to admit. I most certainly would LOVE picking your brain!! Your collection is STUNNING.

I have something ‘special’ from my area also. I have an older grower I know who started chucking seeds from his bags into a ravine behind his house from about 1980 up until we stopped having to clean up our smoke to smoke lol. Well fast forward 40 years of Darwinism at its finest with no help from man and these sativa dominant ladies have been earning a name for themselves out here. Powerful is an understatement.

It’s nice to make your acquaintance. :wave:


I’m going gold leaf too. Going to germinate 2 weeks

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I have 2 Auto Ak-48 going but seedlings …
Still have some photos germinating
Orange kush cake
My mob Boss last season dropped one single seed so I have that one germinating
Frosted melon gelato
And a lemon tree auto

Hoping they all turn out …be we know how that goes lol

I actually already lost a lemon auto and a mimosa auto

You are like an artist !!! Lol awesome stuff …

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@noddykitty1 Sure wish I could get a hold of TGA’s Jilly Bean again, the last plant I had a couple years ago ended up with mildew, along with all the clones I took from her. Definitely a beautiful plant. Sweet Island Skunk is also one I have grown, nice as well. I will be growing
Super Lemon Haze
MK Ultra
Blue Dream
CBD Kush for my RSO
Strawberry Cough
Grand Daddy Purple
Gorilla Glue
Girl Scout Cookie Extreme
And a buddies strain he calls Hellmare

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@Dforce, nice to meet you.
Mizz Jill, subcools exwife, has been selling fem and reg f2s of jillybean. It’s almost always sold out but she has some now on SHN. If you lived closer I would send you home w 3 clones and a bag of S1 to try popping. I have played with jillybean pollen the most over the years.

Before Washington State got rid of the seeds and cloners markets in the name of state rec cannabis legalization (2012), I could buy subcool seed packs right off the shelf at medical shops (98-2012). And I could get clones at any Sunday neighborhood farmer’s market. Also the seattle cloners collective sold elite cuts of common strains. Now days I just hold onto those old seeds and clones like old pirate treasure. Don’t tell the state or they will rip it from your cold cuffed hands. And leave you a tax bill for their taxes you stole. Yikes. No homegrown allowed since state legalized it. Unless you own ($) one of the 300 state licenses allowed to operate for state shop sales. Otherwise it’s f-u homegrower. Quit stealing our state tax money. They use the cannataxes to buy drones for enforcement and fuel up blackhawks. It was much easier to grow tall plants before legalization here. Sorry for the rant about my states bad faith legalization where they stoped the homegrown clause from the get go.