2021 Season - Good and Bad Stuff

Last year was a great year for my harvest. I’m allowed 5 plants and grew 2 Gold Leafs, 2 Chronic Widows and a California Dream. 3 of the 5 were bountiful. The best overall weight and sugar coating I’ve ever grown. This harvest gave me a year of superfine herb.

I was surprised why 1 GL and 1 CW were so different from their brethren. They both only averaged 12 oz’s compared to the other 3 averaging over 30 oz’s. All plants were in a line, same soil, spacing, irrigation and ferts.

The real problem is that I lucked out w/ the 5 plants, since I ordered a 15 seed pack. I had a terrible problem germinating ILGM seeds. Most were, what I can only describe as tiny and scrawny.
The ILGM guaranty sent me 5 more Bubba Kush seeds, but none of them even sprouted.
I guess it could be my fault, but I’ve been doing this for a lot of years so…

It’s now time to order for this year and I’m in a bit of a quandry.
Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve had 2 that gave me issues sprouting. Which was really weird because i did the same thing for all of them and 6 sprouted. Probably user error on my part, but i hope you get some good grows in again.

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Have u contacted ilgm about the 5 bk seeds not popping. They will replace any and all seeds that do not germ or grow unless it is neglect on ur part which don’t sound that way. Every plant grow. From seed will differ in many ways even if it is the same strain just like me and my brother. We look similar. It not. We r relayed u can tell but we both have different everything about us. I’ve had 4 w.w autos going same time same medium same nutes ect. Everything being same exact to the T and not one of them grew and looked the same. Had cheese plants kept a mama grew her out took clones from her and all the clones matched her perfect looked taste and smelled one of the same smells of dirty socks but man is she tasty. If u have autos ur not able to clone them but if photos u can make 50 plants from 1 seed and save urself from using so many seeds and buying so many. Drop one let it grow out few weeks cut clones and get them to root and have fun. U can kinda stagger the grow then and get to where u harvest 1 or 2 plants one week and 1 or 2 a week or 2 later and so on always have a bit of work with the plants never run out of weed and keep ur mind going always as there will always be something to do with them. Growing is super fun in my eyes and I love it. Wish I got into it long ago even to be doing farm work I believe I would love it. I just love working outdoors with plants trees grass snow ect.

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Have u contacted ilgm about the 5 bk seeds not popping. They will replace any and all seeds

That’s how I got the BK seeds. By the time I lost all 5, it was too late in the year for outdoor planting and I was a bit disgusted w/ the losses, so I never made a claim.

I’ve cloned weed for the last 20 years, but that was before it became legal. Indoor growing, year round and I get about 2 oz’s/ plant.
Outdoor growing makes that obsolete. Seed indoors in Feb, move O/D in May and get 1.5-2 lbs/ plant. Done in Oct and I’ve never gotten the frosty buds I as I do O/D.

My current problem is seeds. I was hoping to get feedback on ILGM seed quality from users. I’m impressed how this company mixes product w/ great education. It seems to be a solid, reliable company but MY experience w/ the product has been dismal.

I just thought the yield difference was significant, but sure the same strain will vary. The seeds will come from different plants so I guess that impacts the similarities.
My big problem is what to do about seeds this year.

Good Grows back at you

I can tell you i wouldn’t buy these bruce banners autos again. They germinate fine but won’t sprout no matter what i do. Germinated 5 and only 1 has sprouted. Not mad enough to message ILGM i just keep wasting time. I have 15 left and i’m ready to just throw them away. It’s not worth the energy. And i germinate twice as many as i want hoping that worst case scenario half will make it. Super skunk seeds were fine.

Ive only popped a few ILGM seeds myself, but everyone of them germinated (so far). All photos tho.

Every seed bank can have ‘bad batches’ and ILGM is one of the few willing to work with customers on replacements. I highly recommend you guys reach out.

@Bynk as Mark said, variations between yields/phenos is just a part of the game when growing from seed. Thats why alot of growers (your previous 20 years experience included) prefer clones. You generally KNOW what ur gonna get. Now that ur trying from seed, why not take a clone from a ‘winning’ plant of your own, that way you can be sure to keep your favs around.

Also keep in mind your previous experiences. You said ur normal yields were 2-3 ozs, now your seeing 2-3 lbs. and not just exponentially better yields but ‘frostiest stuff your grown’… doesnt sound like an abysmal experience to me.

No, not abysmal at all! It was my best year ever for plant yield, concentrate yield and classic indica results from all 3 strains. I’d like to go w/ the same package mix again this year.
My experience w/ germination seems abysmal. I grew 5 plants last year and started a total of 20 seeds

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Ahh now I gotcha lol. Those rates are pretty bad…

Wanna walk through the process again? Ever try adding a couple drops of peroxide?

Your point about cloning favorites for next year’s grow makes sense, now that I’ve harvested and experienced these results. In retrospect, I should have taken clones when I saw which plants showed significant vegetative growth.
Thanks PnG

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My process is pretty much along ILGM Guides

Best results are
-drop in water overnite, til it sinks
-moist, not wet paper towel on a saucer under a bowl and keep moist
-tail pops and drop 1/4-1/2 inch into soil
Most of the failures were popping a tail.

Peroxide? For extra oxygen or to sterilize the water?

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Extra oxygen.

When the tail pops and u drop in soil, was the soil getting cold, cold? My germ numbers have been lower in the colder months. Try germinating in a warmer location.

I use a plant heat pad, under the saucer anywhere from 0-3 inches above the pad to maintain the temp @ about 78F and if the tail pops, it’s room temp…75-76 F

I just germinated 4/4 granddaddy purple. They are from the purple seed pack I received in Sept 2020. They have been in the veggie crisper in the refrig and original packaging for 15 months. All of the other seeds in the pack: Purple Kush and Purple Haze had 100% germination.
I sprout in water & H202 for 24 hrs (the key here is warmth from satellite / cable receiver), transfer to paper towel until tails are 1/2" or longer. Then into seedling mix and tray with humidity dome.
I like the variety packs and always have good germination. Good luck

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#1 issue with seeds not popping is not warm enough

Soak in. 2 parts water 1 part hydrogen peroxide for 24hr.

Transfer to damp paper towel inside a Ziplock bag and put In a light proof container or fold it up in tinfoil.

Place somewhere that it’s WARM, like 78f warm.

A seedling heating mat and controller is well worth the investment in the amount of seeds you save.

It is a simple fix if ur not happy with the seeds you got last time go and try a different seed bank or find a another breeder thats what i would do

Try germinating your seeds on top of your fridge, always warmer there.

I don’t do my germinating quite like they recommend here. Simply put seeds in a paper towels and wet it, fold it and place in my pantry sitting on a plate. I’ll leave them in there til the tails 1/2" or so. Never have had failures even with scrawny seeds from seed banks. Being older I keep my house nice and warm so that’s never a problem.

Next round start those seeds in straight pro mix no nutes

Soil moisture?
Humidity control?
Humidity level?
Temp control?
I’m not looking for a tutorial, but could you fill in a bit
I’ve not had good luck, directly into peat

Any recommendations or experiences w/ other seed banks?