2021 Round 3, Kona Gold x Bruce Banner

all goin smooth so far !!

i noticed what looks like 2 shoots forming at the center of this leaf …really strange to me


well today has been a really legit day. went in to a local hydro store to pick up some nutes and hydroton and its owned by no other than the grow boss himself!it was really legit to chop it up with this man about growing because i learned how to grow from GT and the grow boss is who taught GT how to grow…small world!

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why are my leaves growing leaves…is it just a mutation?..all the fans are producing leaves in the centers

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Looks like a mutation to me. I’d rather have my fans growing fans than my fans growing bud sites. My White Lavender is one ugly lady because I can’t remove her dead or dying leaves without compromising the bud site at its base :grimacing:

These plants are very strange - I’m living for the weird mutations though. I’ve finally got a plant with variegated leaves too - she’s healthy but also sorta funny looking!

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everything is going far too well :stuck_out_tongue: plants are all in transition for the flip, i decided not to finish this grow with flora duo , im going to flower with AN pH perfect sensi bloom. i never thought id stray from my beloved GH but if i dont try new things ill stop learning :frowning:…ohh also im def gonna try 2 new things to finish this grow, let me know if youve tried either of these things…

Advanced Flowering Light Cycle

This advanced light cycle will save you time, money and increase overall production by up to 50%.
This flowering light cycle is based on plants that are a 9 week flowering strain. Heres a breakdown
of how you should set your timers for your HPS lights in your flowering or bud room:

Weeks 1-2: Set your timer for 11 hours on and 13 hours off.
Weeks 3-4: Set your timer for 10.5 hours on and 13.5 hours off.
Weeks 5-6: Set timers on for 10 hours and off for 14 hours.
Weeks 7-8: 9.5 hours on and 14.5 hours off.
Week 9: set timers to 9 hours on and 15 hours off. this is the final week of
flowering and you should be “flushing” your plants to remove all chemicals and
nutrients from the roots.


Lotus Fridge Drying Method (source 420 magazine)

The Theory:
Our understanding is that after harvest, cannabis is best dried to ~60% RH (relative humidity)
in order to keep the end product shelf-stable, flavorful, and potent. Optimal drying conditions
consist of low humidity alongside cooler temperatures; moderate air flow is also important. We
are ultimately working to prevent mold and loss of odor/volatile terpenes while slowly drawing
excess moisture out of the buds.

A frost free refrigerator ends up being a fantastic tool with which to do this; they natively
remove moisture while providing cooling and circulating air.

Final product will be ready to jar and cure, store, or enjoy outright. Colors from
the harvest
will be retained. Fragrance grows as the flowers return to room temperature
and begin the cur
e in earnest.


Frost free refrigerator - Test potential units by sealing a hygrometer inside 

until temperature
and RH readings stabilize. A RH below 50% should be fine, mine gets as low as 35%.

Paper bags - These serve to regulate humidity and keep the buds from drying 

out too quickly.

Hygrometers - Suggestion


Sharpie/pen, binder clips


Note: There is a lot of variability in how this can be done so I’m going to list my current
best practices. Constructive input is always appreciated.

Fresh buds are pruned from the branches directly into paper bags.

Approximately 30 grams per
bag works well. Label bags with both plant information and date if desired.

Bags are folded closed, clipped, and laid horizontal in the refrigerator. 

These can be stacked
as long as they are not crushing each other.

Every couple of days rotate the bags and give them a gentle shake to break up the buds.

After 1-2 weeks remove a couple of bags from opposite corners of the fridge.

Seal the contents
of each in separate jars with hygrometers. After about an hour the buds should be at room temperature
; take a reading… If they are above 70% put them back into bags and check again after a couple of more
days; if below 70% all bags can be individually removed, tested, and jarred. I personally wait until
the low 60’s are reached.

Proceed to burp and cure as needed.


Expect humidity inside the fridge to spike for the first few days.

Timing is affected by a number of variables: size/density of buds, amount 

harvested, and the refrigerator
itself are among them. Feel free to be paranoid and take as many readings as you feel appropriate but keep
in mind that every time the door opens, humid air delays the process.

Some bags will need to stay in the fridge longer than others to get down to

your target humidity.

Buds can be washed first. /u/n7mob recommends this method.

The initial odor will be strong when the fridge is opened (and perhaps with

it closed!) This fades as
humidity draws down.

Put larger “popcorn” buds into their own sack for a quick(er) treat.

Bagging can be done just after a wet trim or with a dry trim in mind for later.

Trim/larf can be dried in its own bag.

Consider removing unsealed and/or flavorful ingredients/food from the fridge.

I’ve not had issues with
flavor contamination but neither have I risked it.

Many fridges have storage for vegetables, these drawers hold more humidity for

slower drying.

Smaller “dorm” fridges tend to have freezers in the top that will build up frost over

time, these can sometimes be used with strict attention to the conditions.


lol i couldnt figure out what the cake meant next to my name…crazy its been a year already, time flies got my 1 yr badge with ilgm sad i only got 3 grows in 1 yr :frowning:


Happy canna day!

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Happy Happy canniversary day there brother! Hope you’ve had a great day! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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thank you! appreciate that

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spy man where do i begin, you really been here for me since the beginning, i never thought id ever be a grower and the pandemic really kicked things off because i found myself not working 100 hours a week in construction and all of a sudden i had nothing but time on my hands …and with my wifes need for medicine and my lack of income due to pandemic it all kind of made sense for me to take this route. and i have to say thanks to you and everyone else who has been there for me through this …it has changed my life


lol ok i need eyes…why does this girl look like she flowering?!?..just early pistils or is this an auto?..

im days from the schwazzz


Definitely flowering. Was it supposed to be an auto? :v::sunglasses:

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nope fem photo…surprise!!!

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She’s beautiful! Can’t be mad that she’s excited, too!

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lol i just wasnt expecting it, i dont know much about autos at all. guess im prepping for flip today. i think im gonna chop top foot off that plant i need to even up the canopy. and im gonna toss in another light, if schwazz 3 a light method works ill def want more light

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Don’t chop It just supercrop it


haha i was just reading about not topping autos :stuck_out_tongue: …thanks graysin, i tried to make it bend and snapped it so now its wired to the branch next to it

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Story of my life with autos. :joy: I just have yo-yos handy and hang that ish from my lights to hold them up. They don’t seem to mind in the long run


yo yos are the greatest things ever!