2021 outdoor grow-G13, blueberry cheesecake, wedding cake auto

If your plants aint happy with that view, well I know I would be…


Oh they will be happy! Love the pool. They gonna be poolside lounging haha

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Is that a fire pit with blue glass pieces all in it? :heart_eyes:

Yes it’s a natural gas fire pit. They’ll be chilling by the pool and then when they’re done and cured I’ll be chilling by the pool enjoying them :grin::ok_hand:t3::blush:🪴🪴 circle of life and such :sunglasses:


I’m sure they’ll be quite happy out there!


Nice cover. May I ask what seed u uses

I used the buildasoil 12 seed cover crop

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Update: Day 30 (The smaller CBD Kush is at 3 weeks) (left to right G13, CBD Kush, wedding cake auto, blueberry cheesecake)

All of them are looking nice and healthy drooping just slightly because 2 days ago they got watered and also got some compost tea but they’re all starting to pop back up. They also spent the night outside last night for the first time I’ve been slowly adjusting them to the outdoors but they won’t be going inside anymore. They’ll be getting about 13 1/2 to 14 hours of sun per day which will increase with time.

The cover crop in the pots got hacked down to create a nice one to 2-in thick green mulch layer. I then covered that with compost and did a heavy salt and pepper application of kelp meal, crab meal, and neem meal at equal parts then a layer of glacier rock dust was laid down at twice the amount as the others. I then worked it into the top layer of The compost and added some fermented rice bran that then was inoculated with some EM1 or lactobacillus serum, this should give me a really good mycelium layer. I added a picture of an earth box where I’ve already created a pretty good mycelium layer.

This should speed up the process of composting the organic material so it’s ready to be uptaken by the plant. It’ll be ready to pot in within 2 weeks from today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!:pray::grin::heart:

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Chillen by the pool! :sunglasses:


Just chillin pool side


Did a little bit of LST a couple days ago. And the autoflower started to flower so I quickly got her into the earth box. After doing LST some of the leaves were touching the ground and I didn’t realize it until I seen some bugs so they all got a pH balanced spray of organicide. All the bugs are gone and the plants responded very well :grin:

Blueberry cheesecake


Wedding cake auto

CBD Kush

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Looking good Brotha! They growing more n more!

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Cannabis really is such a beautiful plant aside from all the wonderful things that it provides just the way that it looks strikes me 🪴🪴😁


Looking awesome!