2021 Outdoor Grow - 4 strains

My 2021 grow plan, first time for regular seeds so we shall see…

Dropped one seed of Chick Magnet and Raphael, feminized seeds. Three seeds Fast N’ Glorious and Hibernate, regular seeds. Seeds 24hr soak, 24hr in paper towel/plastic bag; 48 hrs ready for plastic cups. Oh, all seeds germinated… now under T5 lights. Hoping to get one female each of Fast N’ Glorious and Hibernate.

Mostly Sativa Strains:

Fast N’ Glorious (Mandala Seeds) (Reg)

Raphael (Irie Genetics) (Fem)

Chick Magnet (Mass Medical Strains) (Fem)

Mostly Indica Strain:

Hibernate (Green Point Seeds) (Reg)

Soil – amending last year’s soil and adding worm castings and Coast of Maine Lobster Compost.

Mammoth P – microbial inoculant

Pure Crop1 - A Plant-Based Insecticide & Fungicide (replacing Neem Oil).

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Strain Details:

Raphael (Fem) (Strawberry Fields x Blueberry Cookies) - Irie Genetics

Effects: Happy, Creative, Focused

Flower Time: 56-65 days

Yield: Huge Yields

Potency: 23% THC

Details: Plants grow with hyper vigor and produce huge colas. The dried cured buds taste like blueberries and strawberry milkshakes.

Fast N’ Glorious (Reg) (Early Mandala #1 x South African Highland) – Mandala Seeds

Effects: Uplifting, Clear, Creative, Focused, Happy

Flower Time: 60+ days - early onset of flowering, finish end of September early October in the north.

Yield: Above Average

Potency: 18.5-21%; CBD 0.1%; CBG 1%

Details: Grows well in hot or cold weather, as well as humid areas. The refreshing high expands effortlessly and is long lasting, not only clear-headed but an ‘awakening’ it supports creative, social, and transcendental pursuits.

Chick Magnet (Fem) (PuTang x Swabi Pakistani) – Mass Medical Strains

Effects: Uplifted mood, strong happy effect; as a bonus, these contain the rare cannabinoid THCV.

Flower Time: 63 days

Yield: Very High Yields

Potency: Effects are best at 5-10% amber, mostly cloudy trichome

Details: Energy without the paranoia, natural foxtail structures on large dense frosty nugs (not a sign of stress) it’s a good thing. An incredible anti-anxiety sativa, fast flowering time and an outstanding, unique flavor profile!

Hibernate (Reg) (Shut Eye x Stardawg) – Green Point Seeds

Effects: Relaxing, potent, great for insomnia, pain relief, and anxiety.

Flower Time: 65 - 72 days

Yield: Good Yields

Potency: Very potent, unbelievably sleepy, relaxing, the nighttime cold medicine of marijuana.

Details: Compact and weighty purple-tinged buds, aroma can vary wildly, expressing lemon chemical cleaner tones, artificial cherry, muted rock candy, and skunky Stardawg funk.


I’m on board, thanks for the tag. :+1:

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The m watching! What state are you in?

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Cool, let’s do this.

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Got my seat and popcorn ready

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Woot! Let’s get it

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All looking good, one Hibernate seed a little slow to start but going now…

Chick Magnet
Fast an’ Glorious


Reading up on how to get more females from regular seeds I lowered room temp to 72 degrees (F), added a small amount of nitrogen (watering), changed the light cycle to 15 on 9 off. Also, I can’t increase the humidity, so I am keeping the soil damp; not letting it dry out. Hope this works.
Next is sexing the regular plants by flipping to 12/12. Once I know M/F I will remove the males and go back to 18/6. First for me so we’ll see how it goes.

1 Fast N’ Glorious
2 Hibernate
3 GSC, Chick Magnet, Raphael

GSC was such a big hit I had to grow again. Everything that tried it wanted some.

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Amended last years soil with BuildASoil Craft Blend Nutrient Pack, worm casting, Coast of Maine Lobster Compost and Recycle -Sil.

Mammoth P and PureCrop1

As a backup plan I started 3 Cherry Wine CBD seeds…

Up To 25% CBD

Cherry Wine was bred by Bodhi Urban, CEO of High Grade Hemp Seed (HGH) when he crossed 303 Seeds famous CBD cut of The Wife to his Charlotte’s Cherries male. The Wife was one of the first truly dominant CBD cultivars to be selected for having zero THC and extremely high amounts of CBD. The Wife, known for having no THC, testes upwards of 25% CBD and unlike field hemp, produces nice resin-soaked buds.

Cherries, Cherries, Cherry Wine!

Charlotte’s Cherries is the male used in the Cherry Wine seeds line and is a cross of the Stanley Brother’s world-famous CBD cut Charlotte’s Web (R4) and Colorado Cherry, a flavorful hemp cultivar. Charlotte’s Web changed how the world views Cannabis and CBD when Charlotte Fifi, a young child began using its extract to help fight her battle with a rare form of epilepsy. Charlotte, who had been fighting epileptic seizures since she was 3 months old went from having hundreds of seizures a week to zero. As news spread of this miraculous breakthrough, CBD as a medicine became a reality. The flavor of this CBD rich varietal is floral with notes of pine and cherries. This is a great option for anyone looking for a high CBD cultivar with no THC. Cherry Wine is great for helping reduce inflammation, reducing pain, aiding in a good night’s rest, activating appetite, and much more.

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Always have a plan B :wink: :+1:t4: :v:t4:

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Love the line up ill be watching if it all good growmie. Good luck happy growing stay medicated toke :up: always have back ups for back ups. Lol. Good day my growmie

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Plant update… fem seeds, Chick Magnet, GSC, Raphael.

Still need to top this week.

My regular seeds - Fast N’ Glorious - one male plant culled and one keeper female. Just waiting on the last one to show itself.

Hibernate - still waiting, looks like a day or two more. Hoping for one female plant.

Above fem plants now topped.

Got three females from my regular seeds, keeping one each Fast N’ Glorious and Hibernate plus my fem plants. These are the topped fem plants.