2021 outdoor AZ

Not good ones. I can’t get to my magnifying glass pics through this forum. Or I just haven’t figured out how. But I’ll take some.

Two white widows one is one of the early ones I think the first picture is going first with a couple blue dream and my mowie

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Not the right picture. You can’t see when you pick. Anyway I’m thinking about 3 weeks

Those are not gonna be ready in 3 weeks 4 to 6 would be my guess

First freeze in this area is usually between the end of October to 2nd week of November.

This bud/plant has probably 4 weeks left
This one maybe 5 or 6


Started flowering mid July

I think I’m on the other side of the mountain from you @plumbdand. My survivors are a month plus from harvest I think.

I’m going to grow some autos next year. Im too impatient to wait seven months for a harvest again.

I’ll wait til you say there good. I’ve never been there for harvest. Just all the grunt work.lol lol :laughing: I’m drying in my spare room. Better odds for me not screwing it up.

Gotta say I was not sure about these dry herb vape but I’m loving it.

Same. :+1:

It’s not flowering when starts showing pistols flowering is when there’s buttons on the ends of the colas


That plant started showing pistils mid July bit first day of flowering was July 30th

That’s LA confidential #2 the moldy one she’s 2+ weeks ahead of the others and she probably has 3 weeks left but I might take some from her earlier maybe the 1st weekend in October.

Ya that’s what I was seeing. And on we grow.

I have a gpen vaporizer it’s OK I think I’m gonna try the pax 3 for a carry around and get a volcano for at home

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A home vape would be nice. Good qaulity one’s are expensive.

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My buddy has a volcano and it’s awesome but they’re not cheap

Sprayed Captain Jack’s yesterday and this morning there was much less insects the stuff really works thankyou for the input 4ish weeks to go keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


@Oheeeoh I’m looking forward to following your grow, I hope you update with pictures. I’m attempting a fall outdoor grow, and I expect I’ll probably enjoy looking at someone else’s more, haha (I’m new to cultivating). Good growing!