2021 outdoor AZ

Wow that’s too damn hot


Yes it is!!

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Leaving for the coast this week. Screw this weather. My son is going to plant sit for me but I told him, don’t feel bad if they struggle. Not much we can do but buckle down for a couple of months. But the rest of the year?!? Ill take it over anywhere I’ve been. I love the desert

@Darth thats a nice looking structure! I’ve made a few similar over the years, learned a few things too.

You are correct- the wind can be destructive, but a few easy steps will ensure that it stays together. If you just fry-fit the joints with no glue, they will separate in the wind. Easiest fix is to just drill a hole on each side of the joint and put in a set-screw that passes through both the coupler and the pvc pipe. That wimp keep them from separating, and if you want to disassemble at some point, just take out the screws and take it apart.

Zip ties work great for one season to hold the screen into the structure. UV eats them so they only last a year or so. 5inch lengths of wire world great, too. Last, some winds could pick up that whole (light) structure and chuck it out of your yard. Tie each leg to something heavy (years ago we filled clay pots with wet concrete and put a small diameter vertical rod in the center over which we slipped a pvc leg and ran a set screw through both. I’ve also put concrete anchors (tapcon ??) into our concrete walls and brackets to hold the shade structure stationary.

It’s crazy but even fairly open shade cloth can work as a sail once a good wind gets under it. I’ve chased a few of ours down over the years :joy:

You’ve got a nice setup!


Friday this area will reach the 100 degree mark and it doesn’t look like it’s going to drop anytime soon. I’m watering twice a day and the plants show no signs of stress. Each day the buds get a little fuller and the smell gets a little stronger.:pray::pray:


What times during the day do you water

I water every morning after doing whatever maintenance the plants need and again every evening as close to sunset as possible.

I’ve noticed mine need a lot more water on windy days. Nearly twice as much it seems.

Some calm and overcast days have made me water just once the following day. I do it mid-day to ensure they don’t overheat and very carefully on the soil so I don’t get the plant material wet.

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Some of my girls this morning I can see a lot of new growth going on. All 9 plants are doing great after transplanting.


The temps under the screen is 4-1/2 degrees cooler than outside. I’m happy with that.

Anecdotally, the plants didn’t consume as much water as normal. I have been watering 2-3 a day. I watered yesterday morning just before construction started and didn’t water again until this morning. That was a surprise.

I just dry-fit the parts. I will probably drill holes for tap screws to secure it from the wind.


Nice job!

Had my wife go to the pot shop today to pick up some new vape cartridges. She got 3 1000mg Dr Zodiac’s Moonrock Clear. One is Jack Herar one is Mac, never heard of that and one is Ghost OG
Took a few hits of the Jack Herar it absolutely kicked my butt.


The Jack Herer is supposed to be pretty cerebral; was that your experience?

Today I smoked two hits of SWC’s NY Sour pre-roll = nice. It was great for listening to music and dancing earlier this afternoon. It’s not that it was that much of an energetic high, but I had some stress to work off, so it worked nicely.

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It made me stupid and lazy, exactly what I was going for.


what a difference a week makes