2021 outdoor AZ

Started 7 seeds this week 3 ILGM Banana Kush 2 ILGM Black Widow and 2 seeds from some dispensary weed. They’ve all germinated and been put in small cardboard pots. I used an organic Peat moss combo for starter soil. I covered each pot with cellophane to create a small greenhouse. I’ll post some pictures when they pop out. I’ll keep them inside under lights for about 6 weeks. I’m building a bigger greenhouse than last time. Last time 4 plants outgrew a 6 x10 this year I’m building a 10x12 or bigger.


Here’s a picture of a Banana Kush from my last grow in 2018


Wow that’s a big girl…m nice lil greenhouse… chainlink ? Pretty cool bet it stinks like crazy lol

Nice lookin.

I’ve got some Banana Kush auto on deck to start late April. I’m excited for it.

That picture was taken after i removed 2 black widow plants and a bag seed plant. That were growing in front of her. And I had trimmed a bunch of lower branches off of her too.
I used a 5x10 dog run and made a pvc pitched roof frame but it ended up being too crowded and not tall enough. This time I’m using a 10x12 x 8 this time.

This was taken after a few weeks of flowering before I had to bend her over the 2 BW’s are in the front

Nice good luck man!

I’m running two little auto plants that I started indoors middle feb. Hoping they finish by mid/late May.

Nice work fellow desert grower! I have yet to venture outdoors with a grow. You seem to have totally harnessed our abundance of sunshine! Much respect!

I might have to start over none of my seeds sprouted I put the germinated seeds in soil covered pot with cellophane and put them in the window like I’ve always done. I went out of town for a few days It got real cold at night and I wasn’t there to move them away from the window. I think the cold killed them. I’ve got more seeds coming Banana Kush Black Widow and LA confidential. If the ones I got now somehow sprout I’ll still start some of the LA Confidential as Well. We’ll see what happens. Either way I ain’t worried. Shit happens

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Live and learn, plant more seeds

Our weather is too dang crazy. Im struggling to keep my tent cool already. Its barely April!

Here’s one of my outdoor white widows. She stalled for about 10 days right around day 18 so she was really small. Past week she has probably tripled in size even though she’s in early flower.

I took this 10 minutes ago. 94 degrees didn’t seem to bother her a bit.

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She’s a beauty!

It’s crazy how the plant follows and points at the sun all day. Someone should mount solar panels to their weed plant fan leaves.

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I feel a plant raised outdoor would be better adjusted to our temp swings. I am starting an auto in my moms backyard tomorrow. It might be too late but I’d like to see how it does. Im OK with losing a seed for research

For a state with as much sunshine as we get, we are so far behind on solar power. I don’t know where you are but in Pima County, you can’t have solar without going through the electric company. Such bs. Done with my little rant. Sorry

Right on I tried this figuring if I got anything smokable out of it it was a bonus. I just want to learn about all the different ways to do this. There’s a million of them.

I can’t decide if I want to do my next tent grow as a soil or in a hydroponic bucket setup.

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I’m thinking soil in the non summer months and hydro during the summer. Im just starting due to our new laws so I have a lot to learn about our desert still

I tagged you for my new grow if you’re interested

Yep anything in the soil/ground around here you have to improve your clay soil a lot (at least I’ve read that).

I dug out probably 2 ft square and backfilled it with pretty nice stuff, including some native soil. Only thing I’ve fertilized with in veg was some liquid dr earth and alfalfa pellets. Growing organic is pretty easy use dechlorinated tap water maybe a tea here and there. :smiley:

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