2021 ilgm gorilla glue mk ultra and blue dream

Ok so im back 3rd cycle of grows. 1st 1 in a real tent. Vivosun 4x2. Lights sf1000 and a ts1000. I popped 1 each of the heavy hitters pack.

All in fox farm ocean forest because it hasnt done me wrong yet. They have been transplanted to 5 gal fabric pots already. The pics are about a week old.


Nice, I bought that same mix pack of seeds last year. The Gorilla Glue was very good and I absolutely love the Blue Dream - one of my favorite strains now, have not grown out the MK Ultra yet.


Be careful of Blue Dream. She can go 0 to Mach 4 in 0.457 seconds. No seriously she can take a whole grow tent by herself and then some since she is Sativa dominant. :+1::+1::+1:


I love the Mk ultra , growing blue falling in love


That mix pack it’s great but all the plants grow different

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I have that pack also grew out the mk and gg so far and gg was def a winner. The mk came out really nice smooth kinda similar qualities to the gg but didnt seem as potent. My wife really enjoys the mk. But out of the 3 gg was the best and i am def gonna get more gg from ilgm. Ill get pics of the mk and gg i grew and put them here if i still have them.

Mk utlra :point_up:

Gg. Below


They look beautiful. I hope mine turn out as nice

Yeah Mk ultra girl love that , opens up your social butterfly, GG great yields too much down -lock - puts me to sleep , I like feeling relax not sleet or lazy , maybe next run I’ll harves on white pistils Blue Dream just Dream with that girl the smell it’s superb , waiting on my first harvest on that

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Did you go to mostly amber with all of them

With the Mk was a ripe 60-40 , Gorilla I don’t think it was ready , I’ll have another run soon , I really wanted to leave them more but freaked out when first time naners pooped my cherry


So they has been just getting phd water. And using my co2 i made. They all have been topped and lst. So far all seeem happy.


This it @GhostGrow

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Yes sir

gonna attempt my first scrog with these girls

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Looking good Good luck :sunglasses:

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