2021 ILGM Fantasy Football League Re-Commit orJoin now!

New Year. Returning league members should reply immediately. Every year stoners drop out. Post your intent to play and I will contact you for details. League will adapt to membership


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I am in

Id like to join it

I have to go and renew the league. We will take stock in returning members and then add new members. Cathc Y’all later

League is renewed and confirmation emails sent. If you played last year, make sure to reply to league email. New managers: We will assign you a team as they become confirmed available. If we get more than 8, we may possibly enlarge the league. We;ll see.

I am in.

Well, i never can tell who is returning but, we have 4 here and I believe 2 of you are new. Oak has played every year. I am surprised that with as many members we have here, it is hard to fill one small fantasy league.

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Oh I am soooooo in this…

(Licks chops) when is the draft @latewood

Come on @Jbum @Smhtwo

I’ve never played fantasy before, but I’m in. I’m watching lawn mower racing on espn2 right now. The ocho is great.


When is the draft?

We always draft the last weekend before season starts on Thursday. I have run a network of leagues for years and I need to work the schedule. We do draft in the evening between 6pm - 10PM EDT

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I have not seen an email yet…

I sent out invites. Perhaps you changed emails? Once I hear back from you, I will send you a PM if necessary. Then we can see what is up.

Try going to league and logging in :slight_smile:

Ok I’m down.

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I’m not getting any emails and I haven’t changed emails. I haven’t even got an email about the Bud of the month contest seeds. Hmmm

Just go to the league. Don’t you have a bookmark for the league? I sent invites 2wice and Oak got his after posting a couple days ago.

I sent you a PM ofr the BOM. I do that when I get around to it.

put your email in that PM and I will check it against the league if I can see your email. What team are you…Just place that info in the PM also. Peace

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If you are just joining the league. I have not invited new members because I have to see who has moved on from last year. So; That would be why you did not get an invite. I still do not know for sure how many teams are available but, I think all you new guys will have a spot. Please be patient.


No worries…just didnt wanna miss something unitentually

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