2020 Grow Underway

Alright, fellow growers. My 2020 summer grow is officially underway.
4 days ago I started 4 seeds.
Gorilla Zkittlez
Blue Dream
Girl Scout Cookies
Pineapple Chunk
So far, all but the Gorilla Zkittlez have germinated, but it still has some time.
Girl Scout Cookies

Blue dream

Pineapple Chunk

My soil mixture is comprised of:
1 part Peat Moss
1 part Hemp compost
1 part Perlite
With some Vermiculite added, as well as a pinch of Wormcastings and Kelp Meal.
They will be kept indoors under LED’s until the daylight surpasses 14 hours/day (around May 10th).
Then, they’ll be planted outside, in 15 gallon pots, with Nature’s Living Soil organic concentrate.
Hoping all goes well, and I’m open to any questions and comments.
Just gonna tag a bunch of people lol
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Looks good! Always pulling for you outdoor growers to get a good year in. Hopefully 2020 is it!


Thats what I like to hear!


Thanks! My first 2 outdoor grows were definitely learning experiences and gathering of resources lol Hopefully this year is much better!


I’ll be watching :v: :slight_smile:


The girls are growing nicely. Not too much of a stretch. Still no Gorilla Zkittlez yet but I’ve decided that if this one doesn’t germinate, I’m gonna wait another month then start a Super Lemon Haze and a Green Crack seed and put those in 5 gallon buckets later on.
So, far from a tragedy haha
Girl Scout Cookies

Blue Dream

Pineapple Chunk

Don’t have a set schedule for updates, but I’ll probably do them about once a week from now on.


I’m gonna tag along, that is, if you don’t mind :v:

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Of course! Everyone is welcome!


If you haven’t grown Blue Dream before, she can turn into a real beast if its a Photoperiod plant. I know all to well. One of mine made it past 75” tall and yield 318 grams dried and no stems. :+1:


This is my first time growing all these strains. And yeah, these are all femenized photoperiod plants.
Mine will be going into 15 gallon pots outdoors. What size pot did you grow that Blue Dream in? Or just in-ground?

@Growyourown I grew 4 of them so far. First one for a tad over 4 or 5 feet. Her nugs smell like a blueberry patch with a sweet backbone to it. All indoors.

I grew them in a 5 gallon bucket filled to about half of the bucket. These last two went ballistic under my HLG lights. The one hit over 75” tall and was just as wide. Its why I hit 318 grams dried and no stems.

I am switching to 15 gallon fabric pots starting this grow cycle. :+1:

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Wow I’ve never been able to grow large plants like that in pots that size lol
I think the largest plant I’ve had so far was about 5 feet. But hopefully these plants this year will give me new records across the board!
I am super excited about this Blue Dream, but as of right now, the Girl Scout Cookies girl is the biggest.

You will like Blue Dream. Mine started slow but don’t let that fool you. I will compare between my GSC Beast and my Blue Dream nightmare. I did this all in a 5 gallon bucket half full.

The GSC can also grow big but if you listen to the breeders, the GSC shouldn’t get more than 30 inches tall. Now BD can get taller than 78”.

Don’t worry it took me awhile to produce beasts. I had to dial in my technique and it has.

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This will be my first year actually trying to grow larger plants. My first 2 years I didn’t have the resources I have now.
My first year I harvested only 3 oz from 2 plants but last year I got 10 oz from about 6 plants.
The plan is to try to keep them bushier than tall.

The girls are putting on their 2nd set of leaves and looking healthy.
They got their first transplant yesterday. From here, they’ll go in 3 gallon fabric pots.

I won’t be growing any Gorilla Zkittlez this year, unfortunately, as the seed never germinated. Mental note to buy more than one seed next time lol


So, I came across an issue I had last year that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with this year.
PH issues AGAIN. What I find odd, is that it’s only one out of three of the girls, although they are planted in the exact same mix.
The GSC started showing the same signs of leaf twisting my plants did last year and yesterday she was looking worse.
So, I tested all the soil mixes and I tested my PH meter and came to the conclusion my meter was messed up after recalibrating it yesterday. Got a new one and the solution in the way now. And the GSC was removed from her soil and planted in soil I’ve had sitting outside in the rain all winter, that I’ve been preparing for these plants. Just using it a little sooner. So, hopefully all the rain water from winter will help balance this soils PH til I get my meter and solution.

Girl Scout Cookies
Her leaves are still kinda twisted, but she’s definitely a lot more perky than yesterday, so I think I got ahead of the problem sooner than last year.

Blue Dream
She’s growing amazingly

Pineapple Chunk

Still no signs of PH stress with these two, but if they do, they’ll get the same treatment.


Set to watching this looks like it’s going to be a good grow

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Thanks! I’ve got some Super Lemon Haze and Green Crack seeds I’m just itching to start lol

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Plants are looking happy, happy, happy my brother :+1: :v:


Thanks! They’re definitely growing quickly now that I have the PH issue mostly under control.