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These look sick! Love the sativa shaped leaves!!! Cannot wait for my saplings to Grow…


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@Newgrower2460 give them time and they will grow into bushes or trees whichever you prefer I did alot of lst on the bushy ones

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The fade is coming on strong now with the cooler temps

@Noctis420 @Newgrower2460 @repins12


Ok need advice the plant indoors is in second week of flower now and watering today the pH of runoff was 5.7 which is way low I know plan on flushing but have it in a scrog with only a pie pan below it how can I flush it to get pH right
@Chemzdead @thedeernad @repins12 @Noctis420 and anybody else that has advice

Got a shop vac to suck up runoff?

@Noctis420 I do have a shopvac looks like I’m flushing tomorrow

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2 man it out to flush? If you have a helping hand handy that is…

im sure you could go to a pet store or pet isle in a big box and get an “aquarium vacuum” or pump or something simar to have on hand for this situation…put it in your pan and flush away

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Dealing with runoff is the worst part of growing with coco or soil. I feel your pain since I’m flushing six 3g pots… It’s a pain in the butt every time. :weary:

@Noctis420 I agree I think my down fall is that when I water any runoff I let get wicked back up for an hour and it’s usually most of the runoff


The more I think about it the better hydro seems lol. It does cost more money to run because of the bubblers but probably not that much more. It’s drain or it might be empty, refill, feed and done lol.

I like this mother earth coco though and the fact that I can have many more plants. I’m not sure I could pull a pound with two hydro plants and if something goes wrong im screwed. So I’ll be sucking up the runoff…lol and besides I’m doing both right now anywho. Im putting two hydro plants in the 4x4 grow box so ultimately I’ll find out how much I can get. All depends on strains too though. I don’t think this Purple Haze will give me a whole lot even though it’s supposed to have high yield. The big bud looks promising though.

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Big Bud left, Purple Haze right.

@Noctis420 looks like that big bud is gonna need the tent to itself lol and the purp haze might surprise you never know

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I know right. Hopefully it does suprise me. Don’t know why but it’s been the most difficult strain to grow for me.

@Noctis420 @Josh1126

I started my first indoor grow just a few weeks ago, decided ultimately to go with hydro for 2 reasons, 1 being cleanliness, 2 being I 2 did seasons in soil and really am intrigued by hydros possibilities. I have a 5x5 tent with a single custom made SS DWC box as a test run, if it works out well, gonna fill the tent with 4 of the boxes and see what I can produce from a 5x5


@thedeernad I’ve got to get a bigger tent so I can try running hydro I’ve dabbled in just trying to get the water ph right and can’t get it to level out lol.

@Noctis420 I’m pretty sure it’s just a haze thing mine were slow growing at first then exploded in flower like almost doubled in size with the one indoors

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Hopefully that happens. I was getting the plagued calmag deficiency but I did keep it in that tiny hydro thing for many weeks lol. I ordered another 5x5 shorty from the official gorilla grow site. The other site I bought one from screwed up and sent me a 4x8 and its not a shorty. If it all works out I’m going to have two 5x5 shorty gorilla tents lol. Yes I’m deeply invested $$ in this never ending hobby lol
Phing is such a pain. That’s why I use 3 part advanced nutrients. It really does keep the ph in check.

I just built a 2 bucket dwc so it’s3 buckes total connecting with 1 in. hose and bulkheads. Little pump inside to move the water around. A bucket to dump in the nutes and 6 in. Net pots in the other two buckets. Also have 2 buckets connected to each other for the additional resivor water because I’ve had them drink two gallons in a day and approaching death a day later lol not sure when I will use them, hopefully soon.

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@Josh1126 you use tap water? We have town water here, no well, so i let my water sit in gallon milk jugs overnight before I use it, water comes out at like 7.8 and 190ish on poms. For my soil girls, once I loaded up a gallon container with appropriate nutes, the pH would tank to like 6.2 and I’d be adding pH up and then for regular watering adding pH down. For the hydro grow it seems like ill get away with doing a little less pH adjusting since adding nutes to my water brings it down close to where I’d like to be for hydro :+1:

@Noctis420 best hobby I ever picked up :grin:
My DWC container(s) are welded 316L Stainless Steel, 15"x20", 12in high. Takes avout 8 and a half gallons to get me to around an inch and a half below the net pot, I’m hopeful that the tank size is gonna help keep pH and water temps more in balance!

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Nice! The more water the more stability so I’ve read.

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