2020-2021 ILGM Fantasy Football League Re-Commit orJoin now!

I’m in if there is still a spot open :wink:

I think we now have a total of 6 because no one else has replied in the league aside from 1 or 2 in this thread. Maybe bumping it up will help find another 2 members, then I will draw for who egt’s what replacement team. It is a keeper league and so you all will inherit a team to pick keepers from. When you get a team. Look it over and pick 3-4 …
Well 4 keepers and save them Not sure if we will keep 3-4. We will see how it goes.

OK. Tell me if I am wrong. Reply if I am right, and I will start working on assigning teams. Let me know if you already have a team so I can figure this out.

New managers:
@MattyBear Mattybear
@imSICKkid IMasickid
@Jbum Jbum
@Smhtwo mh
@RandomlyRan andomlyRan

Returning managers:
unclewoody (not an ILGM member)

I assign teams by a hat drawing. I place teams to be taken in 1 hat, and new managers in another hat. I draw from both hats and that will be your team.

We have 8, and we might need one more depending on unclewoody

Please rsvp, asap. Thanks

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@latewood sounds good. Will you be emailing me? How do we draft etc etc

Sweet :metal::metal:

I’m in. Let me know when the draft is

I’m in!!

my team is Purple Haze

@latewood are we still waiting for a few people?

We have a full 8 managers. I have been wiht Garrigan since he had a stroke last week and did not have a chance to work on fantasy.

I am going to call MattyBear and he will have a hat with your name, and I will have a hat with last years team name, and we will draw which team is awarded to who.

Best I can do.
some teams are better than others, of course but, you will have ample talent on the board to build a killer team.

Make sure I can find your email, or I will use the email registered to you. Watch for an rmail from Yahoo Sports.

I plan on setting draft for 10:30 EST for those on the west coast to be home from work, and the draft only takes about 1/2 an hour. So; It hsould not be a burden on anyone if they need to get to bed by 11pm EST.

Thanks all. I will work on this today.

If Matty is not available; I will call Dbrn ro just do it myself using 2 hats…LOL


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I missed you in the list but, just noticed you want to play. I have a team for you even though I thought we were full

Do you still want to join the league?

Invites sent. Go to league

Change name

go to “My Team”

Look for keepers and pick 3 keepers.

Draft is Monday the 2nd at 10:30pm EDT.

Thanks all, lw

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Id love to

Keepers set.
Alvin Kamara
Todd Gurley
Dalvin Cook

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Aaron Rogers
Antonio Brown
Stefon Diggs

I will send an invite to your registered email. :slight_smile: Thanks for playing.

You guys can just pick your keepers on your team page so I do not have to manually insert therm…hint hint!

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I did mine myself once I looked up and it blatantly says…KEEPERS…lmao

Sounds good thank you