To tell the truth I have no idea how to respond to that.
Welcome @IroC


Interesting…:confused:why the shopping cart?

Gotta hang the lights from somewhere! And easier to move around, maybe? :man_shrugging: Welcome to ILGM, @IroC


I don’t know if I love it or hate it…:thinking::exploding_head::upside_down_face:
I honestly can’t hate it…
I love the injunewity , not sure how well it’s going to work , but I’m highly interested…
:+1: @IroC … welcome to ilgm…


Although , didn’t we all kinda start out like this…lol :grin: :wink:
@IroC is already on a roll and ain’t even out of the gate…
Much love and respect… keep them Wheels turning… :+1::wink:

I had bought the strip LEDs and wanted to hang them


Fair enough… Well im interested to see how this goes. :smiley:

@IroC Tell us what your plan is next.
The plants are going to outgrow the shopping cart at some point.
We all love to solve problems…As stated we all started out small

The frame of that screen you have sitting in the corner might work to stick the strips to, at least get them all in one ‘assembly’ and make it easier to handle. If you have some sheet metal or something similar, it’d act as a heatsink to your LEDs and help them live a little longer, too. That room should be space enough for at least a couple/few adults. And they look happy, you’re on the right track. There’s no such thing as a dumb question. We’re all here to help! :+1:


Well it was to get my plants started but found that the back of the LEDs have a sticky strip, so I can line the closet with LEDs. But if I stuck with the cart I wanted to try a Sea of Green under the cart. I’ve already started my 90° plant. I don’t know if other people do this but it seems to work for growing more top colas. While plant is still in veg, in a pot. You turn the plant and pot on its side and leave it on its side until the plant grows straight up in the air even though the bucket is still on its side. Thus 90°. When you finish vegging with the bucket in the upright position keeping the top end of the plant braced to keep it from standing up straight again, then the branch buds become more like the top cola.
That’s my theory anyway I’ve been close to seeing it but never to harvest.

Let me know if you’ve grown like this and what’s the final product like? Size, top cola like?

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Thanks for the input. It was poorly planned adventure. I just didn’t have enough money to pay $200 for the medical card and then pay for the medicine and I don’t even know how good the medicine is. If it will work for my neropathy