2019 March Bud of the Month Contest


Luck has only a lil part in it bro

Give yourself some credit :+1:t4:


I mean the colours


ILGM order #340261

:cherries:Cherry :pie:Pie


wow. beautiful. my vote secured.


@GreenCoat I liked your other photo better …



ILGM Super Skunk Fem 12/4/18 harvested mon 3/11/19
easiest grow to date all 4 plants just perfect thanks ILGM

happy FRIDAY yall jimmie


Hey mate I think that’s the ILGM seed code you’ve put up. You need the order #


I’ll never win this so I never enter lol. Great looking buds!


Gotta keep trying bro!


I’m not going to waste my time on feudal efforts. Plus alotnof my seed this month is not from ILGM.


Order #323378

Placed on August 19, 2018 12:26AM
|[Super Skunk (fem) - 10 10+FREE

ok here ya go


Is that an outdoors Bud @N00BIE ? Looks like it’s been raining on your bud. Do outdoor buds not get bud rot?


@GreenCoat, yes it is outdoor grown. No it’s not wet but yes, outdoor plants do get bud rot. Especially in hot, icky humid weather. I lost about 1oz to bud rot and had to harvest another early. Unless we are having a monsoon, I leave plants be…this grow I have no choice, they will be in ground and not fabric pots.


ILGM order # 195437
Amnesia Haze


Super Skunk. Like old skink front he 90’s, pungent!


Super Skunk


Bruce Banner

Larger than your forearm.


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ILGM White Widow


What’s up Hoots. :slight_smile: You need to put an order # in your post.