2019 March Bud of the Month Contest


BlackBerry kush just got the chop order number # cant find it can someone help


Purple Haze order#277915


Go to the seed shop and try logging in. Just because you purchased seeds here doesn’t mean you have opened an account. If you haven’t created an account do so and after making the account you should be able to see all past orders with order numbers.


Og kush autoflower day 81 from seed


Order number #298800
Gorilla glue by ilgm


Probably a stupid question but how do i edit my post to put in my order number


@Doeboy. You cannot edit it after a certain amount of time , if it was me I would delete your post and do another one with your order number in it,



No worries thanks mate :+1:


@N00BIE Amazing , you have my vote locked in to this point!!!:sunglasses: NICE


Super silver haze, order give 353885



White Widow Femenized


Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
Order# 256914
Almost 7 weeks


Strange things are going on right now on the forum as to why you can’t edit your post so I would post the same picture again with the order number this time. They can delete the above post if they want to.


ILGM Blackberry Kush - Order Number 231671.


another month when i’m going to need ten votes and only get one. we should get at least 2 votes lol i tried for ten last month and didn’t get them so i’ll try for two this month!


Lots of nice buds this month maybe save it for next month?


Beautiful bud you have there @Bogleg !


Damn she’s pretty. Chocolope is on my top 2 list to grow behind Super Lemon Haze. I can’t only hope I have half the success you’re having. Smoke on my brother.


Very nice bro.

(Looks like you actually know what your doing)

Sorry couldn’t help myself :joy:


Pure luck & ILGM genetics I think