2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


If you get a half pound in 3 months and some one else tops out at a half pound but took 5 monthes… they person who can do it faster is adefinate a superior growing… anyone can keep a plant in veg for damn near ever and boast high numbers… but what can u do when the times gonna run out that’s where the knowledge comes in and superior grower wont take whole 6 months IMO


I’d love to veg an 8 foot wide plant and throw it into flower but it would take forever

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Start her under artificial light now and spring time throw her out side all the way till mid September and you’ll be able to climb that hoe lol


Cant grow that big here and get away with it for long anymore. When I was a teenager my buddies parents got busted they had one in back yard grow to 20 feet tall had a main stem that was over 8 inches across cops came in with a chainsaw to cut it down. I wouldnt have believed it if I wasnt playing Nintendo in the house when they did it.

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well thought ya might wana smile here is Abusive OG today made 4 clones from her she is in flower tent wana see her make buds now.

pics in a few weeks… jimmie


Looks like the one at the hydroponics shop


No one asked me, I offer up but a small pc of advice to all of you on this site. And to others who use the internet to socialize with others…IF YOU DONT HAVE SOMETHING NICE OR CONSTRUCTIVE TO SAY, THEN KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
Seems as if that the internet makes people a little more brave to say something than if they were face to face with someone. When words are written for others to read, the author must recognize that their words will unintentionally offend someone in some way. None of us knows exactly how someone else may take said remarks even when said in jest. Whats lacking in the printed word is the expression on someones face while saying what they say. Since words can have varying meanings to multitudes of people, we should all watch what we say and pause and read our comments before hitting the post button.
Puff puff pass…


This contest is definitly bringing out the best in everyone. Smh. I feel like growing, drinking, screwing is all the same. Everyone thinks they are the best and in reality aren’t as good as they think. Lmao.


Well, I’m guessing the grow off is dead lol. My bad.


Is it dead?

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Oh I don’t know. Just haven’t seen much about it.

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Throw me in. Seed started February 26. Durban Poison indoor soil grow. 5 gallon fabric pot and 4x4 tent.

Here it is 6 weeks old.



You’ll want to place you grow in here and keep the nmber handy so that you can go right back to add more info

2019 Community Grow Off


@blackthumbbetty I have a question for you didn’t know where else to ask and didn’t want to hi jack someone’s personal thread. I too use pro mix with organic soil with perlite worm castings, bone n bloodmeal in the mixture. When I start the grow the soils ph is right at 6.5 but find myself fighting it being way lower later in flowering. What do you keep your ph at during your grow with this set up? I was thinking of adding some lime but thought I’d ask.


I try to run it at about 6.2-6.4 in veg, and I let it go higher in bloom. I add lots of beneficial microbes, too, which really seems to give me a ridiculous amount of leeway with pH.

I find with Earth Juice, it goes sky-high during veg (even with bubbling). Sometimes, I have to go in very low with my nutes, ie, I don’t pH adjust them unless they’re below 5.5

By bloom, I usually get the pH dialed in, probably b/c the lime in the Promix stops fighting me, plus everything is breaking down and naturally acidifying. I adjust all my inputs and everything is peachy keen.

As long as I keep the run-off (when I have run-off; I only water/feed to run-off when I want to test) between 6.2-6.9, the plants seem very happy. I have done an er mid-grow flush before, but it seemed to do more harm than good. I’ve since learned to trust the colonies of microbes I’ve spent good $$ building. :grinning:

Was that any help?


Yes I believe so I’ve also found the er flush swems more harm than good. I’m having kinda opposite mine are turning acidic towards the end. But if you’re running yours regularly at level I’m fretting over than I just need to slow my helicoptering a bit. Thanks my friend!

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Hey guys what’s going on with everyone’s grow? How did your super veggers end up @blackthumbbetty ?