2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Nice i was thinking the same thing. It looks like when she takes off u could cut her into a bunch of clones and a remaining node at the base for a mother plant starter
Im itching to clone my gold leaf.


Got these nice buds off Lucky Charms #2 lost lower 1/3 to a hermi next to her thanks to my son and Lucky being a long tall sally we caught it so not to much damage

gave 50 plus grams not a waist of time cus i luv lucky budder and she is a great smoke for daytime too

gona throw in some bud porn too !

Critical orange punch she is under a pair of r 900 vipars and a red heavy advanced platinum 300 right in the middle of my ILGM Super skunks

here they are tomorrow is day 35 from flip born Dec 4th 47 days old at flip the COP is a clone so dont know her age

have a super Sat yall jimmie (waitin on Amazon ) again and again lol the doorbell rings and my wife says whad you buy ?


Happy Saturday Jimmie! All your ladies look great as always. That critical orange punch sounds like it would be a good one. And isn’t that the story of our life waiting on Amazon. They’re supposed to be bringing my cloning supplies today or tomorrow. I have so many Amazon boxes in my house lol


Awesome harvest looks fantastic glad tou caught the hermie.

I have sooo many amazon boxes i use them to dry trimmings in tent and a couple bigger ones set to the side for harvest time


mine just came looky


Sweet! Now you can grow more beautiful ladies :wink:


Great now im craving tomatoes


My dad showed me how to brew an organic foliar feed spray for our cherry tomatoes when i was a kid. He used quail droppings, composted, and cooked for a couple days. They exploded in growth and grew the best tomatoes i may have ever had
Good ol dad


Been working on some fertilizer based on flea guano. Should have enough to start a seed in next few years.


@garrigan65 so are we updating with just using the reply button or waiting for it to be fixed?


With the reply button. When you use it just write down the number your at so you know where you started and ended.


I think I’m done with the comp. If we can’t give everyone their own thread then it’s too hard to keep track of my grow and others. Not looking to have to bounce around all the time trying to figure out where my post is now.


Wouldn’t it be easier just to give everyone their own journal?


Its simple just put a number infront of your post all that begining tuff is irrelevant its the end that counts


I need 6 cups ready for my next grow hope you have it for sale in bulk soon


I like to keep track of my grows and other contestants grows and how can judges accurately determine skill if they have to bounce around a thread to find all posts from one member. Giving everyone their own thread would have been the only reasonable way to do it but got shot do to the forum thinking they could do something that they didn’t have the ability to do. Yes it is easy to just reply for all updates, but the fun of the competition has been sucked out and now I have to look at 100 posts just to see one person’s grow. No thanks.


My style is like scrog without the need of the net. I like to remove a lot of fan leaves to get as many natural tops as possible. It’s actually a hard way to grow because I can’t take certain leaves off too early. This bouncing around doesn’t show off what I wanted to show in my own unique growing style. I didn’t really care about the winning part because it can’t be very accurate. I wanted to see different methods and now it is too hard to keep track.

See I only have 2 fan leaves at the moment.


There is no prize microscopic detail are unnecessary end result in the quickest time wins not that you made it work for 5$ biggest fastest harvest wins I’d say no matter how you get there that’s the versatility odds are the ferrari will beat the geo metro so to speak …I mean who isnt throwing this in there main journal as well it’s a simple copy and paste on your part
…but on this one you only get to see so much or your be able to steal technique info and call it a coincidence if someone’s little homemade ratrod is putting your honda vtec to shame …so to speak


That was the whole point. Everybody learn from everybody else.

But did u always think of it like a race? I hadn’t thought of that


I’d just like to see a no holds barred time limited grow that way everyone can enter everyone can do what they do best and we can all learn a bit from each other without the rules interfering in the community aspect of it. Only rule is grow the best dahm plant you can in the time allotted