2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


That would win the grow off i think its it’s got to work I’ve never seen anything like it done its original its unique and hey I might be onto something on our way to produce stupid high levels of THC or other cannabinoids


There is a guy in the Lab who did this I believe… outdoors where the sun shines year round somewhere.


Made bot ends in the ground to make an arch even into a seperate pot @GreenCoat @basementstealth you could essetially do like you have green your 2 seperate root zones to water at diff phs to optimize uptake… i think theres so much more to be discovered i wish i jad a yard and no rules it sux in florida


@Bogleg do you think you can find who he is and see if hed be willing to come over to the poverty side lol and chew the fat with a fellow farmer


There will not be a 2nd grow off! Sorry. Dude. You are not a staff here. slow your roll.


I know who it is - he’s not the kind of guy who will likely show up over here… I also don’t know if he was successful or not. I’ll ping him and see if I can find out more information.


i not complaining but it looks like there was a great deal of excitement / interest in this "grow off " why is it a couple of people sorta fighting more like arguing ruin it for the 30 or more that are doing what was intended.

If it is a cost to the forum i understand if it is something else can you explain why no 2nd grow off?

thanks i know you all are busy jimmie


The grow off isn’t even ILGM sanctioned. I don’t see a problem with the members competing for fun. I don’t get why you can’t be respectful @latewood, I get you are the boss but telling people they aren’t staff and too slow their roll is not an appropriate way to talk to members who are also good customers who spend money at your seed bank. How about saying I would prefer not have another grow off for x, y, and z, but in no way shape or for was @basementstealth acting like staff, he was acting like the guy who coordinated the competition with ILGM approval. You be the boss but is a little respect out of the question?

@garrigan65 and @Hogmaster are so polite and respectful, I don’t get why the other mods fall short on being professional.

Not trying to be rude just calling a spade a spade.


I am sorry all, but this bickering and now attacking (arguing with) the mods is uncool. I have moved on. Have fun.


No one is attacking mods, just asking them to talk to members with respect.

As a paying customer to ILGM, I would expect ILGM to be courteous and polite to their customer base as with any other type of company. Do you not agree? Or do you talk to your customers at work like that? I don’t think so.

Mod does not = God


Boy, I sure bailed at the right time. Just checking back and all hell broke loose here.

For me, the “grow-off” was more about the fun of growing at (about) the same time as a bunch of other members. Smack talking and competition is cute, and I get that some people would have a lot of fun with that, but for me it’s just cool to compare grows that were started at the same time as mine. Different strains, different environments, different nutrients and lights, different growers. It seemed very cool and something that would build member camaraderie. Clearly, I got that wrong.

My suggestion, if it’s done again, is to ditch the rules. Grows should be judged based on their environment. If someone grows a solid plant with a CFL bank and soil from their backyard, judge their grow based on that. If someone has a plant in a 50 gallon container outdoors in an ideal climate, judge them on that. Members here are intelligent enough to understand the difficulties of growing with the limitations we all run into.

And as far as how to organize the grow, have a sticky thread about the contemporaneous grow. Each member gets their own thread for the grow, which is locked down to only the thread owner. That way, there’s no chit-chat. In the sticky thread, just link to all the participant threads. No edits needed, no worries about limiting posts. Every post is an update on the grow, nothing more.

My 2c, which are probably worth 1c.


Or just invite people who won’t cry over being disqualified


Good thoughts peoples.

Okay how do we learn from this and move on? Oh i have an idea. Maybe we can start talking about our grows again.

Im excited to see everybody in flower!!!


@basementstealth for staff !!.. to late…sorry i think youd be perdect for the job…theres mods here that couldnt do less


Thanks but im not interested in being staff, then coming here would be work


Here ya go


Some of you have not been updating your grows here’s the link.
I believe some are going to be disqualified for not updating. But after what has transpired with the editing an all I won’t disqualifie anyone for that reason. But if your still in then please update by Sunday night ok.

Thank you all
And sorry about the editing already making changes for next grow with the help from you all



This makes me smile


I was in a hydroponics shop yesterday that had one that looked like that with a balloon shaped top to it, it needed a bamboo steak to hold it up, i nearly cried in the store guys got a 25w led hanging above it 3 feet from ceiling at least 4 feet from plant


she is gona make me some clones and live on :smiley:thru them