2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


At least we know that while we may not always get along, there are a lot of good and kind people in this forum. Love that!


If I was a gambling man I would’ve taken the under on the amount of time it would take for you to express your pleasure in BTBs DQ @fano_man, but I would’ve lost because I can’t believe it took you two days to get here. Then again you were distracted in that FUFU2 back and forth with the swampman.


Don’t worry about it , they are welcome to there opinion and yes it’s just there opinion and at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter.

Just keep on helping people like you do and your have more friends then haters

Just my two cents worth


No team, I’m here for everyone like it or not haha. There was no argument in my opinion either. I seen something I didn’t care for and stated it. I was more than happy to defend position, but it was never up for consideration in my mind.


You probably took over the most controversial piece of the grow pie (Lighting) never needed any help from anyone but you and I’m humbled. “Oh and @DoobieNoobie helped too” My light is perfect and I blame you two.


Guilty as charged, as usual. Don’t mind taking heat for that though.


Lol so betty got kicked lmao i gotta say what a releif she was so opposing no matter and hypocritical to the max


She wasn’t the only one


grow journal updated with pics



Maybe make an “on topic discussion” about the grow off :sweat_smile:


If it’s anything like this thread, I’ll have it set to watching.


I find growing as a learner stressful enough without having to be restricted to rules. AIso I find having rules an absolute pointless exercise when growing weed. I dont find added skill being restricted to certain growing criteria, i actually find it holds true talent back. Just like rules in general… i find experimenting to the max and finding new ways to grow is where the true skill is.

I mean honestly, you spend 6 mths growing & curing a plant with all these rules and restrictions.

You want a competition where anything goes so you can grow & learn from others in what they do.

I think having a “Grow Journal Competition” is the way to go. You obviously all have to drop the seed at the same time but after that its all about documenting your every move.

Then you can sit back and compare notes.

Such as;
Everyone has their own journal post that they enter into a “Grow Journal Room Competition” thread using their link.

No conversation, just grow journal links.

Then have the “off topic room” set up for convo


Updated grow off day 44

just kidding


Like this


That’s abusive OG clone I rescued from a dispensary lol it was in that Solo


That was pretty funny, all I could think was “that’s the saddest plant I ever saw.”


Looks like Charlie Brown’s Xmas tree! :joy:


she may be ugly but her clones are gona rock 30% THC hells ya ! @bryan @Midwestnewbie


I think shes pretty


That little contraption was smoking yall tho imjussayintho lmao​:joy::joy::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: what did it have oxygen pump to the root zone … i had one of those crazy ideas i was wondering if anyone would be skilled enough to do it successfully or mnow if it would work @donaldj say you grew a plant long and kept cutting the branches off but super cropping it over and over and over until the end was near the ground and at the very end that got towards the ground air layering you know by scraping the bark putting root toner clonex whatever and wrapping it with tin foil and soil eventually you should get root forming in that area what if you took that area that formed roots you could either take the other side and use it as another tree or you could bury that and and make a trees that is an arch and has two Roots Zone on One Tree feeding one flowering Zone do you think it would be possible to increase the flow or double it even double the flow of auxins