2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Jerey ! Jerry!


So much drama… sigh… but then again it is one less but maybe 2 less to compete against.


member to member you have no idea wtf you are talking about. Has it occured to u that you are getting upset with me and judging me based on your assumption that i had a certain intent? Thats crazy! You are literally imagining i did something and then getting mad at me for it. You need to back off @dbrn32.

I had a nice write-up in the lab in response to your ridiculous private message to me. I took the high road and deleted it from our pm.

And now u are still on me. Just leave me alone.

What is it you think i am responsible for?


Yes so much drama. But im out because i am also disqualified. Big deal? Not for me.


Idk dude im getting attacked here and in the lab. I had nothing to do with blackthumbbetty getting disqualified or kicked out of the forum.


Do you realize what you are doing? You just said anyone who doesnt agree with you is on drugs or crazy. You are a bad person. Sorry but u are going to spread manipulative propaganda then u r literally part of my definition of a bad person

And what are you doing? What is your goal? To tear me down? And why?


I wonder about the rigidity of this “don’t ask for help” rule.

If you don’t know the answer to a grow related issue, how do you normally find the answer? You go looking on the Interwebs. Most of us usually use the Google Machine prior to posting a question on a forum - most of us, but not all. In any case, you can police THIS forum and disqualify people if they ask a question related to their grow… but are you also policing the Lab? Or other internet forums?

One of the things that makes a good grower a good grower is they aren’t afraid to ask questions and evaluate answers. Hehe.


Good point!! And a topic for the next grow off. Cant change the rules midway. Or can we?

Either way the only person who is out for asking help is me and im over it :joy:


What was this all about again…?


Good question. Moving on


Man, things got real ugly real fast here. Glad I didn’t enter, but if I did all this banter wouldn’t matter since I would win. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The whole point of not asking for help was to be able to show your growing talent without the assistance of other people. It was pretty much the basis of the whole “for fun” competition. Honestly, I just entered to have fun and increase participation and watch a ton of grows all at once. This whole thing is stupid over a contest that’s sole purpose was to bring people together and have fun. I think people are losing sight of that and are taking this comp way too seriously. If I got disqualified, I would go “well shit, but at least I have this plant to smoke” lol. The whole point is, why do people care so much about a “for fun” competition? Laugh it off and just go back to growing weed people.


It seems like the “rules” are what has made it “un-fun” - at least to some. The rules are what have caused the points of contention. Whether it’s the one-post-per-contestant rule, which ran into a “feature” of the Forum, or the asking for help rule, or the containing your roots within a five gallon bucket rule.

I understand the point of the rules. What I am debating is whether or not the rules work as intended. My point is that how we learn (i.e. gather information, corroborate it, and apply it) is part of what makes us capable growers (or not).


Betty had the option to cut her roots and she chose not to. So disqualified and that was clear to all.

Asking for help obviously was a rule in a grow of skill.

Everyone read and approved the rules before we started so that’s on them.

Again it is online judging and not even real judging so the whole purpose was to have fun and bring people together. Only one person got butt hurt and @basementstealth I guess laughed off his disqualification but I missed that part.


I assumed the “off topic” discussion would be a good place to, I dunno…discuss. As this is the first attempt for a competition of this style on this forum, discussing and debating the rules - so they might be improved for the next one - seemed like a good idea to me.

I can see that isn’t the case, so I will bow out of this thread now. When someone wants to try doing this again, I will interject my unsolicited opinion then. :smiley:


Honestly, I like Betty. But if she could have just calmed down and talked it out without erupting, we all wouldn’t be having these convos.


I feel you, I was good letting them all stay in just for fun. I just don’t care enough I guess past growing marijuana lol.


I suggested it be a “Best Grow” You can get help from (anywhere/ ILGM community) you want and who every pulls off the best wins the admiration of the other grower “No losers, maybe a winner”
Im on team @dbrn32 and @basementstealh love you both


Yeah I like both guys, been staying away from that argument haha.


Your opinions are welcome :slight_smile:
In fact, imo, all opinions are welcome. mistreating others is never welcome