2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Lol creepy


Was it necessary to edit a post to me to say that? You don’t want to hear what i have to say, so quit purposely doing things for me to get notifications. I know how to fix that too.


I think its a question relevant to my grow and in that sense i was asking advice. And i think i directed it straight to @dbrn3 if i remember correctly. So it does seem like i have disqualified myself. I couldnt just accept it like that earlier, i needed to think about it and all that stressful stuff was happening with betty. She is like my sisters!! But yes. It seems like i am disqualified. And you know what? Its feels better. Ive been just riddled with performance anxiety this grow off is like an extended marathon 6 month competition. Wows thats tough to stay competitive that long… im exhausted trying to keep up!! But its been fun trying to keep up with all you


You shouldn’t say mean things about your “sister” :joy:


You dont know my sisters. Lol


Did i get your last post wrong? You said she’s like your sister? Or is that your plants , :face_with_monocle::thinking::thinking:


Hey man? I thought that was the right thing to do. Why r u jumping on me?


Dont read too much into it im way stoned


That’s prob my problem as I don’t smoke :scream: read to much into things


This whole thread



Im happy i can be an entertainment

Edit: by the way the comment i made earlier before deleting is the above. And i decided it would not be understood how i meant it but now i see i dont have the freedom to delete.comments without impying i am some sort of monster. Thank you @dbrn32 for ruining my evening. My hands are actually shaking no thanks to you


Calling it like i see it. I’m not fooled one bit, and I don’t believe anyone else following this thread that’s sane and sober is either. All you had to do was let Will moderate the thread, that’s his job. Instead you kept posting knowing she was passionate and stubborn until you got her to break. You knew she would, by your own comment above that you conveniently deleted. I see how you operate, you tried to do the same thing to me the other day. The only difference is I’m too smart for that and don’t bring my feelings onto the internet. More than one of us have watched you drop snarky comments and then delete them, just like you’ve done in this thread. On one hand, it’s not a big deal because admins can see all of your deleted posts and edits. On the other, it is actually a violation of tos. It’s well documented on this forum there is no love lost between her and I. She lost her cool and will do her time, just like everyone else. But I seen you feed her into that from a mile away. Will and the rest of the staff may not see it that way, but I would consider taking a solid look at your own ways before you go calling other members “toxic”.


Wow i appreciate your honest feedback.

I am aware my deletions are seen by administrative staff. I dont see that as a negative. It is my choice to write whatever i wish. And it is choice to delete it.

Fyi to the public. Do not be fooled by this. Just because i delete a post does not mean i said anything inappropriate.

I never intentionly fed anything into betty. She scares the crap out me. This whole thing has me ptsd flashbacking. Thanks a lot and i was just getting stable and my life back together.


This place used to be very special to me.


Power has gone to your head. You never talked to anyone the way you do these days since you’ve become a mod


Base can i suggest one thing mate. Letting go of needing control = having less expectations = less disappointment = less anxiety = relaxed mind


Im out of here


Bro don’t go , your one of the good ones!

Why all the fighting, smoke a blunt, kiss and make up


I have no power, nor have i tried to exercise a position of such with you at any time. Member to member, I’m telling you I’m not fooled and I don’t like it.


That makes me smile better luck next time betty …