2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


I have a question…

Was the grow off competition with rules started by ILGM higher ups so they can use us growers as test growers to learn what works best or what doesn’t while gaining better insights for commercial growing benifits…I mean what a grand idea right.

"Lets gather a whole lot of growers who try many different ideas and see what results they can achieve"

Just Curious🤔


I see where you are going with this but I do believe @basementstealth had come up with the idea. It has no affiliation with ILGM as far as I know. I don’t think there is a prize but just bragging rights and the friendly competition of a grow off.


Ok, but just the forum as a whole is a great way to utilise it as a testing ground in general. Its not only a learning resource for us using the forum but also for those looking in. We are organisms in a test tube :exploding_head::crazy_face::sweat_smile:


I would tend to agree with you. It is definitely a different way of thinking. Social media is doing the same collecting info to give to the machine and robots so they can take over the world BAHAhahahaha!!! Oh wait that is something else for another time.

Seriously thou I wouldn’t be surprised if they are collecting data.


Data collection for sure. If its to better the world of marijuana, then why not i say! We can only hope our ideas are put towards a greater good.


Nope. I started the grow off to see how growers are setup and how their grow operates. The grow off is not an ILGM sponsored event.

And yes we can all learn by seeing how many people do the same thing differently. We should all be able to learn from it

All for the greater good and bettering all of us and our grows


There may be a trophy at the end


Only up to a point, though, right? I had to rule myself out of the grow off because I am growing in an ebb and flow system.


Any Idea why for the slow growth?


I guess the nature of a competition is not all may be able to participate. The idea with the grow off is we all start together and everybody gets the chance to see how others grow. No matter how you grow u can learn from other growers


ILGM isn’t affiliated with the contest and if someone was trying to see the best way to grow commercially, it wouldn’t be one plant in a 5 gallon container :wink: ILGM doesn’t collect info on members either, as far as I know. :v::bear:


Okay everybody. It has come to my attention that some people here may need to know how to mute another user. Go to preferences and notifications. At the bottom you can type any user you like.


Nice job on the redaction. You didn’t really leave a lot to the imagination.


ima mute e 1 lol my head hurts !@#$%^


Oh is it legible? Oops


I hope she does come back. She’s probably working through a mix of anger, frustration, and shock of how this all went down and it probably would deter her from ever returning. I think that’s too bad. Yeah, she lashed out, but after getting emotionally knocked off her rocker.

Maybe there are users that dislike her, something must’ve prompted this good riddance attitude, I guess I missed the offending posts, to prompt a public broadcast message like this to go out of how to mute her, specifically, out.


She often lashed out at others. You may not have noticed. but she causes more drama than anyone


No one said u should mute her. Btw she is not available to be muted


Yeah she was slow because I had her in with clones in humidity and when she sprouted, I forgot to get her out in time so it made her cotyledons soggy and affected the first true leaves as well. So she didn’t take off until the second set of leaves came in. just a little whoops that needed some time to correct itself and now she is growing just fine.


She will certainly remain unmuted in my preferences and I will stay optimistic of her return.