2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Ya good point. Then lets plan to ammend the rules for the next grow off. This grow off is too late to change the rules


Not really. She said she won’t trim the roots.



I agree with that … this sure is a learning experience


I’m beginning to think that with our next grow off we kick the rule book out and just have a grow off against each other …. lol


Last month yall kinda overwhelmingly voted Betty as person they wanted to receive ffree seeds. My only post ever in this topic is “more pics, less rules.”. What i was hoping was to see is Who could grow the best damn plant.


She had by far the best update posts and the container she created is brilliant. There would have had to be standout excellence in other judging points to beat her.


That was my original thought but then everybody wanted rules… lol lmao!!! Smh


You are drawing your conclusions too soon. There are many reasons she can lose all the way to taking a test smoke after an initial dry and cure


I couldnt agree with you more!! That was my thought too when this all got started. But the people demanded rules. Look up “men vs women” here and you will see. Its all there


I suppose. But she’s definitely been a front runner. IMHO


King of Swamp Castle : “Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who.”


So she’s back in, right, if she wants to, probably won’t…, am I missing something?


She wasn’t cheating but everyone got way too emotional and throwing judgements when all you had to do was calmly explain yourselves. It was all just one big misunderstanding that became clouded by childish rants. Just the opinion of some dude named Joey lol.

PS you can’t have a front runner before flowers develop lol. Last I checked a fast growing plant isn’t equal to a quality plant.


The plant is only part of the consideration, how I read the judging to be. The updates are going to have more to critique, until the plant is more mature. IMHO the other features being judged would have to be well over and above to beat the excellence of her updates… this is, of course my opinion which doesn’t really matter because I am not a judge.


@Sixpackdad Yes, you are missing something. She gone.


Ya ur a judge. The community will be choosing a winner
You are part of the community


And you still will my friend


Give me some advanced notice about this free for all growoff. I just ordered some mendeceno nutes for my growing pleasures. 0-50-30 bloom 25lbs cost a bloody fortune


6 weeks into a 6 month race is all I’m saying.


Ur right. Her start was impressive but doesnt promise results