2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


@garrigan65 Dude, I wasn’t asking for help. I was reporting my roots. Can you even read? Ffs. I take great offense to being called a cheater, when I was actually reporting what could be a disqualifying issue.

Show me where I was asking for help. Go ahead.

Either way, peace out biznitches.

Already moved it.


Apparently, I asked for help by reporting my roots.



I don’t think @blackthumbbetty was asking for help, :grin:



And I Quote ( What say you, judges?) Is a question which she need to do on her own.

Moved on


You didn’t need to report them .The rule are very clear that you should have taken care of your problem on your own instead of bringing it up and Asking us Judges.

Post # 788 you ( What say you, judges?) Is a question that you as a skill grower should have handled yourself.



No, I was asking if that disqualified me. I have no intention of trimming my roots. Stop trying to tell me how to run my grow.

You better watch your words carefully before you accuse people of cheating.
You know damned well I wasn’t asking for advice.


You apparently have moved on to your own thread so why beat a dead horse. Time to end this conversation.

Over an out




Wowsa is correct. I don’t have a dog in the fight but I don’t believe she was asking for help, maybe clarification but not help? @blackthumbbetty please tag as I can follow that beautiful, beastly plant.



She was/is a key contributor to this thread and the grow-off fun factor. It made me laugh when she called doobs a plant murderer.

Is this decision something that can be regrouped upon?

Another has asked a grow related question on this thread and wasn’t disqualified.


looks like the “fun” is over the grow off thread is really hard to read hard to see who is in or out

love the idea really liked the trash talk here but it is what it is i will hang with it and see if it becomes fun again soon!


The rules are very clearly written. Good call @garrigan65


Which # was the post asking for help?

Fyi i believe betty is disqualified for failing to trim the roots to remain within the 5 gallons limit set early on for the competition. Also she stated she had no intention of trimming her roots even though the rules clearly states roots extending beyond the 5 gallon container must be immediately trimmed.

If she had said she noticed a little but of root and trimmed it immediately, then there would be no issue. But monitoring your roots in hydro is obviously part of the competition

Yes if she had not mentioned it no one would know, but this community project does have elements of the honor system, so… there we have it.

@blackthumbbetty has her honor, just can’t win this competition


It was yours


Ok. So i asked a general question about light mechanics and you are saying i should be disqualified?

Ok. Lets ask our ref. @garrigan65. Did i violate the rules by asking about LED light technology?

If not then our rules need to be ammended, i agree it sounds like im asking for help. I wasn’t, but i would not hold any grudge if thats the ruling



After thinking about what transpired here I believe you were asking a question about our contest rule and not about your grow. I have re-red our decision and now believe that, that’s what you were doing and with that would like to invite you back to our contest. If you decide not to, then I fully understand and wish you well in your grows.



I see what you are saying @garrigan65. but she also said she will not trim her roots. Disqualified in my opinion

But hey maybe im out too. No one said this grow off would be easy to win


I enjoyed my CP. And stil enjoying her. Nice smooth high


I don’t want anyone to be disqualified. We are not as well off without her. That’s my thought process here.


I didn’t see where you talked about your lights. If it had to do with your grow, Ya you would be out. But if it were just about and L E D light which wasn’t in reference to your grow then no you would be ok. I’ll have to finish UP BACK READING THE POSTS HERE. bUT THAT’S IT IN AN EGG SHELL MY FRIEND.

And she said that after the fact that I had made the mistake of dismissing her from the grow and with that it doesn’t affect her standings here now. That I just made. Hope this clears everything up.