2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Post 17 updated! Plants starting to launch! I dropped last week of January and already starting to catch up with some of you who started on the first! :sunglasses:


You had me for a sec, but then I remembered the sunglasses ordeal… then I knew…lmao @ BlackThumbBetty


I’m going to throw this in … So let’s get our day started off…


Updated. She’s going through her res in 48 hours, now.



I think the rules are a bit looser. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but we only have to update once every 3 weeks, not every week.

You’re not out of the grow-off. Gtf back in here!



You stand corrected … it’s still once a week or your out. But kinda keep it not so long … lol
And keep a note to where you reply to so that you can go right back and update when you need to … I hope everyone can understand that I hope.



So, are you out after missing one or three?



Well you are wright again, and I stand corrected once again.
The rule clearly state "Missing updating your grow for three weeks or more you will be disqualified from the contest "

Thank You BlackThunbBetty for setting it straight …



Get yo butt back here!


Done. :upside_down_face::+1::smiley:


I need a judge! @garrigan65

Was checking out my girl. Bent down close and noticed this through the fill/overflow hole:

The solid mass on the left is actually one of the wicks (I assume both are similar) filled with roots. The roots on the right snuck out through the drain holes in the Planter.

So, technically, my roots are outside their 5 gallon planter bucket.

I won’t be able to get a great root shot until Monday, when I am able to clean the reservoir, but it’s clear in the above pic.

What say you, judges?


Such a warm day today :joy::sweat_smile:


I knew that possibility might make some of you happy.


I don’t see nothin :grinning:


The intent of the rules was to emphasize participation and regular updates. If someone is “participating” but doesnt update weekly then they are out after they miss up to 3 weeks total

That doesnt mean you update your grow every 3 weeks. That means you update weekly, but have a grace period of 3 weeks during the grow


Ya… it was fun having you participate in the grow for a little while @blackthumbbetty. DISQUALIFIED!! lol well, not so much disqualified but just plain lost the competition… lmao im mostly joking

However, LoL yes according to the rules the roots need to be trimmed to remain in the 5 gallon grow volume, unless your piping is included in your 5 gallon measurements

What is your take on all this ref? @garrigan65


The wicks are counted as part of the 5 gallons of grow medium, in my head. I lined the bottom of the planter, but I guess not properly, b/c those stray roots were a total shock, to me.


Kinda looks like they’re gonna need any opportunity they can find haha


The rules clearly state that … All participants will use their own skills to grow. No outside help! If you are caught cheating you’ll be dismissed. ( So having a deficiency you have to figure it out.) Remember this is a grow of skill.

And she BlackThumbBetty is asking a question about her plant roots when all she had to do is and I quote the rules is …

All roots must remain inside the 5 gal container for the duration of the challenge and may require trimming. Any type of feeding is allowed, but if roots grow out the bottom/sides of the container they must be trimmed immediately

@blackthumbbetty you have disqualified your self from the contest for asking questions about your roots and all you had to do was trim them.
I’m very sad for this to happen you will be missed. You are very welcome to hang with us here and share with us TINY TINA’s results

Garrigan65 Referee Of The 2019 Community Grow Off



I was checking out your grow and was very impressed in what you had achieved in such a small amount of time. Tiny Tina is going to be huge for sure. And the way you did your journal there was spot on.
It’s up to you but I was going to ask you if you want I can move your thread to your very own thread, but you are more than welcome to stay and we all can see Tiny Tina’s growth and out come. It’s up to you thought I would offer any help