2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


I love being in flower it feels like a million bucks


GGA is still going give her till wed just a gut she wants to go big !


Never start plants without plants in flower to keep you occupied.
Plants looking good Vexer


I’m waiting for the edit function to be restored in order to update. But my plants are doing well. I’m about to do some bending, maybe throw a scrog frame on top, maybe not. I want to flip but I’ve got a trip in April and don’t want to be nervous about end of flower while I’m gone.


Words to live by


Im glad urs is growing voraciously. Mine is slow. But i flipped her to flower to try and boost her size. Then gonna reveg a bit


Updated entry:


also updated post 13 if ya wana know











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After talking with the front office and Latewood. We can only EDIT so many times and that’s it. Then you must use the REPLT BUTTON.
Know when you do,use nthe REPLY write down the NUMBER your at so you can go back and EDIT your post.
Yes you’ll be able to edit but only so many times.
Also they asked to limit you pictures to maybe 3 04 for to help with the ban/with ( Not sure how to spell that ) but you know what I mean

( ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK ) It’s pretty simple. Next time I have a better plan for this contest



3 or 4 pics per grow? Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

I’ll be back to post my weekly updates, but this thing just keeps get more and more micromanaged.


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Its not micromanaged. This is called problem solving.


Man your plant looks awesome @Haildamaged. Gonna give @blackthumbbetty a run for her $$.:star_struck::heart_eyes:


I think I’m going to just continue updating in the Lab. There are forum based solutions to this issue (like wiki’ing each post or changing settings) but the multiple posts/limited edit thing is just a bit too cumbersome for me personally. I’ll still check in from time to time and I wish everyone well. Keep up the good growing.

FWIW, I flipped today and here’s the last photo I’ll share in this thread before I get out of your collective hairs. :slight_smile:


Yea you are … no response would been nothing but ill leave it be lol lol lol lol…lol uet you do it anyway so y in the world would respect been given that isnt gotten
…bite my tounge i shall not for you


Ok peoples… lets keep things upbeat and positive. Ok?


No worries. I agree, but i dont mind too much. Glad u participated maybe things will be different for next year’s grow off



You could post more pic’s and it wouldn’t be a big deal but 10 is over kill wouldn’t you say


What are you talking about ? Delete what ?


I suggested @fano_man and @blackthumbbetty delete their posts. Those two are always going at it. And wtf, who flagged my post, and not the others. Wtf people