2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Ah. Disregard, y’all. I misunderstood.


Good on you for helping keep us all in the same page


So, if you have multiple starts, it’s when your plant goes into bloom that you have to pick one?


Before it goes into bloom


Thats ththe advantage for growing photos. We can veg until we reach the latest we can for harvest then start flowering. Its all about timing.


seems harder to screw up a photo to me if you F up an Auto no time to adjust at least not much anyway
just my $ .02 i do like have options on lighting tho it can be a advantage a Auto has

any way i chopped 1 photo and 1 Auto today funny they both hung at 400 Grms just (the photo was only vegged 5 weeks so a little smallish

ILGM Amnesia Haze Auto


Sherbert bag seed



Yeah, and for my timing, autos work perfectly. I need to be done with Jberry by May, at the latest.


this one is up tomorrow morning she is a Gorilla Glue Auto

this one may make it till wed, she is a ILGM Northern Lights Auto she hates me for not givn her no food or water just ice cold air man her buds are thick and rock hard too gona be a good un


@Haildamaged NLA is next on my grow list. Now I’m really excited. Did you do a journal on that grow?


not really on that one more like up dates on all my plants lol my journal started here WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon

and just keeps going lol i have 2 more NLA they are 25 days now i stunted one tho she looks like a 2 week old and they are smallish to start with but wow thick buds and hard as rocks too


I have there sweetheart. If you check #23 in the grow off journal you’ll see my girls, As we all know my girls are off to a slow start and so were the ones I posted here and my point is …. well you can see my point,
I think betty is feeling the " HEAT " LOL


I just sent off to the front office our problem with the EDITTING hopefully we will know something on Monday. I’m sure we’ll be good to go my friends. So please hang in there with me for one more day. OK gang…

Garrigan Over & Out lol


Hey, there, darling, keep telling yourself that, if it helps you feel better.


So how do we update our posts? @garrigan65 how do I update about grow off if I can’t edit?


Y’all both crack me up


I feel much better now thank you … lol



I sent a note to the front office to one of their tec guy’s along with the link which was in POST # 703
So please hang in there and hopefully this should be taken care by tomorrow ok…


I too am locked out of editing despite your help to restore my journal.
The journal came back (thank you) , but without pix. As you said/ noticed.

I went to edit and reload pix, but there is no longer a little pencil icon to open the edit feature.
Oops. I’ll standby for Monday’s fix.


Thanks for the update G-Man! Now that my girl has learned how to grow, my pics may start to look different lol.


Luckily I have had these girls keeping me busy.