2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


@basementstealth @Hogmaster @garrigan65 I have started a part 2 given I lost my edit button. Just responded to the original post to link them together.


I just lost my edit button as well.


As I pointed out above, should be simple matter of changing the site configuration parameter, which defaults to a 2 month lockout. Everyone who has a post in that thread will be unable to edit after 2 months from their original post.

The way to fix it is to change the following site parameter to 0 for unlimited edit time:

post edit time limit

It defaults to 86400 minutes which is ~2 months. The site admins here might want to consider making it 6 months or a year instead of unlimited, to keep members from completely breaking context in existing threads well after the fact.


Thats a great idea
Things wont get out of control as long as when everybody only replies once.


Banana OG is delicious…just thought y’all should know haha.


Can somebody explain the grow off for me?


A friendly competition in which we all grow a single plant in a 5-gallon container of choice, write a grow journal, and have it judged by garrigan65. It started 1/1 and ends 7/31 from germination to cure.


The community will vote. Garrigan65 is our referee


Thanks guys.


I know your name is probably C Little, but in my head, you’re Clit-tle. Just had to share. Please don’t be offended.


Not at all bro not at all.


Lol @blackthumbbetty
Now thats all im gonna see


@basementstealth Maybe this will take your mind off it:


You’re killen it,looks great. That screen wil
Be full soon. @blackthumbbetty


That is really something. I gotta copy ur setup


So far, the poor man’s autopot is working better than I could have hoped. By using almost all found materials, I only had to spend $ on a dowel rod & a roll of duct tape. I want to get 4 of these up and running for the fall. I’ll only have to buy airpumps, stones, dowel rods, and more tape.

Let’s hope the system keeps working well. I’ll update my entry after refilling the reservoir, tonight.

Day 35
Grow-off '19 grow
Autumn '18 grow


That was a she you were talking to…lmao Wright @blackthumbbetty


Well I’m completely out of room I had 30 sq. ft. and 6 plants. They are in their 3rd week of flower. The tallest one is 54 " next is at 53" I’ll get the rest of their heights later and post it in my journal, But here are a couple of pic’s just to show you all what your up against … lol


Post pics of your grow-off plants. You keep posting pics of older plants, not your grow-off plants.

Remember, all you multiple entry people: IT’S FEBRUARY, SO YOU MUST PICK ONE PLANT FOR THE GROW-OFF.


A final decision on the plant needs to happen before flower. As long as seed was dropped in Jan they can select their plant to flower whenever they are ready.

Keep in mind the end date everyone!!!