2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


So far, my method is working. After this grow, I’ll determine if any changes need to be made to the system.

The air net is used successfully by many growers. It was made for the autopot system.


I think, if you don’t edit for a while, the edit feature locks out. I’ve noticed it does it on old posts.


I agree! Your growth is very impressive. After the grow you might dissect the root ball. I bet you see roots concentrated above the sparge dome, but it could be the air takes more of a slow random walk up the grow media creating more channels than I am thinking.


The roots of autopot/air dome grown weed are crazy! They definitely grow into the air dome. You should check out screwauger’s after harvest root porn.

With sub-irrigated planters, you really cannot have a huge air gap in the medium; that will disrupt the capillary action required for sip to work. The dome isn’t necessarily to keep anything out, but rather to disperse the air in a wide, multidirectional arc, w/o creating too large of a gap in the medium.


@garrigan65 i lost track of my edit function on my grow off post #5. I cant update my grow. Until we figure it out ill post here. :wink:

Second round of defol on my GL girl and seedling critical purple is getting started


@basementstealth TINY! :smile:


DWC is great, but it is not the same as SIP.

I will stick with the various info I have gathered from sip & autopot users.



Tiny Tina & I appreciate all the compliments!

I swear I’m not taking your air net suggestions as critical…just done with discussing the net. Lol! I hemmed & hawed over even using one. My brain is telling me, “Girl, don’t you even dare start this air stone bs stuff again.”

If I hadn’t have screwed up the nutes, imagine what she’d look like.


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Mine disappeared at exactly the 2 month mark, which was why I tried to point that out. A simple google search confirms this is the cause:

Easy to fix. Change the expiry time.


Mine updated ok, updated last night.


She looks beautiful praying into the light

Mine is pulling up too

Beautiful bearded lady

But urs looks happy with her leaves spread out

Oh they say i am a sadist grower.

Next will be a mowhawk


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