2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


I love the dark and colorful strains it makes the bud feel somehow alien and special
I hope, one day, to be a collector of all marijuana. I would like to store and protect it and occassionally indulge on the finer varietals. I would arrange them in flavor, high type, color, size, density, potency, medicinal
I would need nothing else in my world, my home could be nearly barren, just buds in every stage of development, drying, curing, condensing, infusing, enjoying marijuana with whoever is around, all day, nearly every day, forever.


Yeah I know I edited this post, it has a pencil at the bottom as it is supposed to. I am positive I am in the community grow off topic, I have edited that post numerous times correctly. I have also seen many of the other growers continue to do the same. Why it has suddenly changed for me, I’d like to know. I’d hate to hit reply this doesn’t seem right.


That was a perfect answer, 1


I am totally 100% certain that I am posting in the correct forum, I can post a screen shot to confirm. The fact that I am posting here instead shows I have them distinguished, and I understand the difference between the two. I think there is something wrong with my post, I cannot edit my ticket in the community grow off topic 2019


This post?


That’s really strange. I was just there and your #2 and I clicked on the … and then saw the pencil clicked it and that was pretty much. Here try this link and let me know what happens. I am not doing anything and can’t sleep as always … lol


@blackthumbbetty yeah! That post. Won’t let me edit it through the link either.


I still cannot edit, not sure why. Sorry to blow up the discussion like this.


Updated my entry.

Chugging along. Hopefully I had my one major Oopsy!, already. Recovering from my nute blunder. Plus, she got a bit of defoliation. All those bottom buds are starting to grow up to the screen, now.


How low is that screen @blackthumbbetty ?



You don’t have to be sorry, this is Perfect because this is just why we came up with this Thread. Are you using an iPhone, I’m really not sure.
@Hogmaster and @Countryboyjvd1971 maybe one of these two can heil here


Since it’s an autopot type set-up & I don’t need much access to the top of the soil, I’ve put the screen at 8" from the top of the soil. She also grows fairly tall, and the bucket adds to her height, so the screen has a lot of work to do.


Looking good… good luck! I ended up cutting my screen out. It just got far too bushy after accidentally revegging her.


Is that the normal height you usually run your nets? Have you experimented with different heights?


With my small reservoir, it’s not really necessary to stir it up. In fact, adding the air stone to the water reservoir would probably make the pH swing out of control.

The air stone in the medium helps get oxygen to the root system. This increases the overall growth rate & final yield of the plant. In this grow system, aerating the grow medium isn’t necessary, but it certainly helps, especially b/c the medium is never allowed to dry .


Usually, I’d run the net at 12" from the top of the soil. I very specifically chose 8" for the this grow b/c of the above-mentioned reason.


I wanted to get an official air net, like the ones made specifically for autopots, but they wouldn’t ship to me.

Also my res is only 1 gallon. Aerating it would definitely make the pH swing.


My edit button is gone now as well. You’re not alone. I can’t edit the post.

I’m wondering if there’s a 2 month limit on editing posts, as I just passed the 2 month point since my original entry ticket. Possible, @garrigan65?


This is what I was planning to add to my post… current status.


Houston I think we have a problem? My edit button is gone too