2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Whats up growers? It looks like we have some growers who arent updating their grows.


Thanks for the push. I posted an update. Everything is going OK. This light is pretty intense, so I’ve raised it, and I am finally getting my nutrient solution as I want it. I plan to flip in a week, even though my plants are pretty small… first to flip?


Lol good luck with ur flip. Fyi its really not a race. Its about end result there is no extra points for finishing early


Yeah, it’s more because I am only doing this as a test of the autopots and I have way too much weed on hand anyway. Small quality yield is what I want.


Lol i have way too much weed too. What a life!!! Now i need variety. I figure if i had 200-300 different strains on hand i would be maybe satisfied


miss J berry day 29


Looking good!


Im guilty of not updating consistently. In all fairness i just startd Thursdayish? So it hasnt been a full week. N im loving the garbage talk :joy::joy:


@Sixpackdad Nice light build. The HLG boards are really nice to work with. Built a 4xQB304 from scratch. Used a 1/8 aluminum plate for mounting. How hot are those boards getting at full power? You don’t have any heat sinks?


You see thats why i dont wanna post pictures of my slow to go girlie


You guys will love it when I update. Get ready to sling some poo. Check back in a few days.


The boards are not hot at all. They only run about 60w each. The driver is the only component putting off any real heat.


And she was planted on 1/1? I thought I had the runt of the pack. Now that I’ve got some roots, I’m expecting mine to take off. I can see growth daily now. Hydro bushes!


She look super happy taking her time


My plate gets hot, but not more that I cannot touch it. Really surprised how cool the QB’s run. My 4 boards @500W put off less heat than a single cheap China burple 250W.


Her seed was dropped jan 1. Took a few days to get a tap root. Few more to sprout you know how it goes. But the low humidity was really stunting her. Now she is happy with a much better vapor pressure deficit


Agreed. She does look happy. Happy plant makes happy buds


@basementstealth I was really worried she wouldn’t pull through for some time. Once she started greening up after I removed the plastic cover I knew she would pull through and now that I see a few roots protruding from the rockwool it’s off to the races. Really excited because Black Indica is such a nice strain. Only got 2z from two plants the last time because I had such a bad light. Really looking forward to growing again. It was my last seed of the pack I smuggled from :canada:.


Hey all I am having a hard time updating my entry post. I normally click on the (…) button at the bottom and hit edit, at least I believe that’s how I went about it. There is no pencil except at the top and that just shows me history. Now I cannot seem to do that, it just shows me who’s liked it. Any thoughts? @garrigan65


Well you edited this post so it is the same thing. My thought is that you are on the wrong grow page. Type “2019 COMMUNITY” into the search bar and click on the grow off contest link that IS NOT locked.