2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion



It’s only trash talk, you do know that, right? I guess you can dish it, but can’t take it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

See you at the finish line, @basementstealth.


Naw @basementstealth s mainline came out beutiful but got to dense tword end… hey bro when u had that rot issue did it immediately attack your taste and smell of your harvest no matter how hard you tried to cut early?


@blackthumbbetty is a Roger Clemens fan, that’s why her plant is growing so fast, it’s on the JUICE!!




Nope. I caught it really early. I only lost a few grams to it. But it did scare me enough to harvest the rest of her. When i did the harvest came out very nice.


Hers is growing fast because she has the right genetics and environment. But an early growth does not translate to necessarily greater or better yields. And yes i will see you at the finish line, just dont be upset when you are all done and have to watch us pass you up @blackthumbbetty


Betty is the one throwing out direct quotes, deserves a little friendly trash talk, lol. Just sayin


You keep saying that. Lol!

If your growing is anything like your trash talk, I don’t think I’ll be looking too forlorn at the finish line. :joy::joy::joy:

Though, I give you props for your positive outlook, as well as sticking to a theme with your trash talk.


slow and steady @blackthumbbetty ever hear that lmao your killin it and im happy really cus i know how hard you work up there.


My girl is running the race at her own pace. Sorry if that’s too fast for some of you.


Lol nice one


Yup I’ am bad at trash talk online cuz icaint tipe


Specially on this phone I talk it tipes. But not always what I say it has something to do with Vikings disease in my hands yup I’m a viking


Ive never been good at trash talk. I just point out weaknesses. @blackthumbbetty grow doesnt have any weaknesses right now besides maybe hubris. Your grow looks very nice


Hubris? Nah. I’m just posting pics and letting you all tell me how great she looks. Then, I poke at your egos. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am definitely not a braggert. Do you people not notice what I chose to name myself?

Thanks for saying my grow looks nice, but I’m gonna have to stop you there. You’re really going to make me trash talk my own grow? I screwed up and left out calcium from the first 2 reservoir fills. Freaking amateur hour, right there.

You guys need to pay attention & step up the trash talk accordingly. I depend on trash talk to drive me.


oh no a big fan got took and look it she liked it

now she ready to go :sunglasses:


My Gold Leaf has day to day growth finally and it’s catch up time. Now that she has recovered we shall show the power of hydro! @blackthumbbetty your days on top are numbered gwhahahahah. Once a hydro plant roots, the growth is crazy fast that it will make @blackthumbbetty go “Jinkies”


Lol!!! Thats like textbook example hubris!!!


Lol wow omg i love it. Thank you for that betty


Still running in last. Black Indica hasn’t even seen outside her net pot yet. But you are right about hydro…soon enough these will be bushes. I haven’t yet flipped the lights from 12/12 yet.