2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Jberry day 24 @blackthumbbetty you holdn back come on make me sweat some more


My girl got a bit hungry at the end of her last reservoir, so she’s not as green as she once was; I hadn’t added any calcium to the last reservoir. I just refilled her reservoir Monday, making sure to adjust her feed strength & add the right supplements. New growth is excellent.

She’s filling her screen nicely.


How’s that, @Haildamaged?


No! My little GL girl from Jan 1 lives!!!


Enjoy the lead. Being early doesnt mean great. You will finish and have to watch all of us finish after and ahead of you


If that helps you sleep at night…plant murderer.


It was accident I swear, she was already dead when her head fell off


Were her final words: Let them eat cake?

Cause I am. I am enjoying this death cake. It tastes like your weakness . Yum, yum, yum.

I want more!


Happy cake day!!!


Just dont take it too hard when you have harvested and you have watch everyone else buds swell as you start to realise several people have lovelier and larger yields… ouch


Aw, bless your heart. Whatever gets you through the day.


Lmao good times


What was your last harvest’s yield, again?


Well over 700 grams wet came to more than 4.5 zips… not bad for a grow that you said would…

I think 4-5 zips off an auto is good


My J Berry is building roots while she recovers from topping she will take off soon


Happy cake day @blackthumbbetty.


I just dropped some seeds and its vs till January so tecnicly I can enter em I did 3 monster cookies 3 purple haze 1 mochi all bad seed so the 5 females I get I’ll house on late some like official page


I topped mine 1/18.

What’s your excuse, again? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll have to go check out your old journal. I thought you ruined most of your harvest with mold or experiments. Maybe I’m misremembering. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Turned on my autopots yesterday. Today, I came out to some leaf damage on my Gelato. I feel relatively certain it’s pH stress. My pen was out of calibration and I dumped some 5.5 pH in the reservoir after being in the 6.8 range. I’ve got it corrected, but I’ll have to look at that blight for the grow (or until I pull that leaf off later). I topped today as well.


Wow ok i need a break. You all keep it going. See u tomorrow