2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Wow that’s a leggy indica. How far do you keep the light?


@WickedAle I like to stretch them out. My GDP is 6 weeks old and has almost no original fan leaves other than the 3 very top sets (6 total fan leaves) so she is more bushy than she looks. I love the node spacing on her it give her just enough room to grow and not be all crowded.


Also I needed her to catch up to much older plants lol. Needless to say she caught up


Wasn’t my intention, but my autos were stretched out as well. They are almost maxing out my 70 inch tent. Really like how they are maturing although I am getting some fox tailing on the top buds. Can’t move the light any higher.


Looking good! I am a heavy pruning guy so I never get the full look. I must cut 30 leaves a plant per week to keep my tops going to the light and to not restrict airflow. I think stretch is a good thing in small doses if the verticle room is available. I’m 2 weeks into flower right now with this group of misfit plants. This GDP is the only plant I have grown without topping or training and she is a beauty. I am making feminized GDP and GDP X Blue Dream seeds from 2 of her clones and a BD clones.


Didn’t want to stress the autos, So these two were au natural. No topping or thinning.


NICE clones! Someone is going to grow a forest of green. :money_mouth_face:


@WickedAle My next door neighbor shares my clone set up because my system has been 100% so far. The 2 big ones on the left are Blue Dream and the 2 pretty ones in the back right are my GDP clones. The rest are some Blue Cheese clones and a Blue Haze clone. I thought about doing a SOG, but now I want to make my own feminized seeds after this grow.


I was planning on doing some cloning/cross breeding with the grow off. I will try to sacrifice lowers from each plant for seeds.


Repotted yesterday into 5 gal fabric pot, excellent root structure for such a little guy, trunk already as big as your pinky, going to be a grower when it takes off, look out. Last pic is of my Blueberry.


@garrigan65 can any seed we germinate in January be used as a potential grow off contestant. As long as not discussed any help on them? I germinated 3 more seeds a week ago, and want to possibly use one of them, so I can get my bigger tent into flower schedule quicker?


Yes but you must stick with them after mid night the 31th ok


No issues with that, thank you.


@dbrn32 how does adjusting the voltage affect the spectrum on an LED? Rather, does changing voltage have an effect on spectrum in HLG’s qb


Minimally. There’s a slight shift in emitted light at large enough power change due to heating of the phosphor. But I haven’t seen anything that suggests it’s enough you need to take any considerations for


Hey all if you’ve lost track of the grow off here it is


So, basically, you get the award for “first to kill off a plant”?


I killed a blueberry auto and a GL. Also I planted a new seed an auto critical purple, I previously grew this one very successfully.

Yes. I’m first to kill a couple plants in this competition. Lol!


I am now the only GL grower participating


how did you rate that CP ? i have 2 6/7 weeks into flower they are auto’s