2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Brand spanking new for used I dont care I’ll get a new bulb


Anyone EVER see this? Start of Day 2, 24 hours from cracking open

I like em purple but at the end!! ‘Tis crazy.
All 4 others are healthy and moving. Maybe I left the prastic wrap on too long? It was only to keep humidity up 24 hours after cracking. Really strange the others are fine. It seems to still be growing… Either way I will maaybe have to drop another I think.


this one is taking off like a pro while the other one is a bit behind.

She is a little behind but it will not matter in a week or so.


I’ve never seen anything like that but they don’t look unhealthy. It’ll be interesting to see how they grow out.

Edit: what is the strain?


Lmao !!! I was there for part of it. Not too bad


Moby dick is the strain, the other 4 are quite happy. I will check her today when I get home


Lol @blackthumbbetty is that real mark lol with filter goggles lol



Use it as you see fit. It’s all edited & ready to be used as a mask/glasses.


Update is posted with pics


4 days’ growth:


She’s a beast!!!


Such dark green. Looking great!


Looks like you are right on schedule. Looks great


@blackthumbbetty WOW! Your plants lookn awesome!!


@blackthumbbetty your plant is looking phenomenal and growing like crazy awesome.


Thanks, everyone! Let’s hope I can keep her going strong


I’m sure you will your grow setup is working out really well.


Some interesting grows definitely good reading material


She’s almost touching the screen! By Monday, I’ll probably have to start tucking.


I’m starting a new seed. And now the GL is starting to perc up. She just needed to feel the heat of competition a little closer to home. Well shes starting to feel it. No point in posting pictures. Nothing too amazing right now