2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Maybe he’s actively making his plant grow with his uncanny ways


Oh ya the lady has spoken, and she is goooooood, to shaaaa The one’s that I had posted are in flower and were slow starters as the one you had repost is what I was trying to get across in other words that little one will be like the ones in flower in just a few weeks. I was giving you fokes something to think about in which it did with @blackthumbbetty. So stay on your toes there Betty cause you’ll need to be up on them to see over my plants here pretty soon … lol



Ya you get it but the wrong number, but that’s ok your in spot #34 that’s where you’ll scroll down to to update you grow. Just remember to use the pencil to edie DO NOT REPLY OK
Your good to go myfriend


Well I decided to get this place rock’n " TURN IT UP .". LOL



Thanks for the help


Your very welcome any time my friend.


Oh, I’m watching you, for sure. :sunglasses:


That’s what she said


Nice. Take the high road. Nice form good chum. Mine had a slower start but she is getting poised to take off running. I think I have her environment dialed in, rh. Temp, light intensity, nutes, moisture (I hate that word) moist, yuck. Well that’s not exactly true many times moist is good. But I digress.
I have a feeling shes gonna jump up and start pushing out side branches. This little girl may surprise us all. Also I intend to wow with training. Oops secret is out. I’m planning to be aggressive. I’m gonna tie her down. Tie her up. Twist her throat. And do other horticultural things to her body, roots, and foliage.

Oh. And. That’s what whe said


Using these to I bet … lmao




Ok I heard enough … I’m Calling The Cops th9JSAVORI


Your to funny …. LMAO


It’s really a call for help. Just somebody stop me


That’s just I’m trying to is to save you from self distruction lmao
and to save that poor plant …
We’er going to call you LOUTHER HECTOR LMAO


Now that’s a perfect fit…look’n good to if I say so myself …and I do …lol


Looking solid so far, everyone. I have been updating my post but not much else. @blackthumbbetty is crushing it early. My fear that I would fry the babies with my new light led me to a higher light placement than necessary, and therefore a bit more early stretch. No trouble. Maybe I’ll scrog…

Meanwhile, haven’t had to run the heat in my tent at all with the insulation. The doors have condensation on the inside in the morning but walls and ceiling have none, indicating effective insulation. Super happy about all that.


J Berry 01/21/19 i have decided to go with her as my entry gona live with this cus i all ready love her

commin for ya @blackthumbbetty

happy grow’n yall …jimmie

i may have a problem 1 of my BBA’s is going so good i may have a retraction in order WHOOPS


Thank God I didn’t get in the middle of that


Man I should put on offer up trading 2 400s for 1 1000