2019 Grow Off “OFF TOPIC” Discussion


Good morning all.

here is where the chat about the grow off will be.

no analyzing grows or providing aid, solicited or not. the grower u help may end up disqualified.

2019 Community Grow-off
2019 grow off off topic disscusion
New Grower - Grow room set-up
2019 grow off off topic disscusion
2019 Community Grow Off

@garrigan65 heres the off topic chat


ok I just cleaned up the invites


i saw it lol lots of clicking


Ya you know it … but my own doing lmao


I believe I got it all cleared up now to let the smoke clear and see where were at lol


ok lol sounds good


Hello all so whats it take for this grow off just got my stuff back up an runnin doin my first scrog see how that goes🤗


It’s open to all. Only real rules are have to be in a 5 gallon pot or bucket etc. And have to post updates in the journal thread. And no outside help with the plant. There’s no prizes it’s all for bragging rights. Just a chance for people to show off their skills.


So it can be dwc? Or does it have to be soil



It can be either one my friend


Ok thanks @garrigan65, your in this to even as ref right?


@garrigan65, i have just built a scrog for my tent an was planning on running one plant to see how it goes for my first…but then seen this grow off…can i use half for the girl i started yesterday and the other half for my entry in the grow off?


sure no problem


So @garrigan65 is this correct?


I’m in as a contestant and Ref


Cool hope i don’t disappoint :rofl::+1:


You’ll be fine and glad you did…

B Safe


You sure can…


no worries @JoshawaM. here it is