2018 Third Indoor Grow

Hello all – well this is my third indoor grow since leaving the outdoors and I’ve got to say it was the best by far.
This time I used two strains ordered online (will never go back to using bag seed) , Bubble Gum and Strawberry Ice - and a third from my cuz - Grape Ape.

I only have a 30 sq ft grow tent and a 600 Watt light - but I was impressed by the size of the buds and quantity per plant… The Strawberry Ice produced the best branch bending buds ever I’ve seen. The Grape Ape was seed that was bag seed – small plant, but fatty buds when cropped early.

Apologize for no photos - crapped my camera a while ago.

Grow On !



Congratulations on grow. What was harvest? Im in middle of my 3rd grow as well.

Still in drying process , have four lines full of buds – two Bubble Gum comin down soon. But to ans your question , by eye I’m guessing dry weight around 13 oz. This is for only four plants , but Ice plant produced the most, by the size of this one I’m thinking of tryin only one next time and use extreme bending.