2018 outdoor garden from clones

First time outdoor garden in 25 gal fabric pots. Cloned Apr. 24 transplanted outdoor May 9. Soil is 30% EB Stone organic potting soil and 70% organic raised bed potting mix with perlite. Started out with:

  1. Chocolatez
  2. Amnesia Lemon
  3. KushBerry
  4. Sour diesel
  5. Jack Herer
  6. Do Si Dos


Nice plants :hugs:

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thanks! I set up a 40% shade cloth and started propagating some cuttings too…


Lovely looking ladies, one can only wish to have a garden like this!!

Il be set to ‘stalking’


Thanks man! Here in SoCal the garden has been getting a lot of sunlight and we’ve had a pretty mild summer so far with temps in the 70- upper 80s. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I put a little Sour Pineapple in the ground just for shits and giggles.


No worries! I am from the uk where its always raining altho right now the temps are hitting the highs of 27°c which is hot for us brits :joy:

I look at everyones outdoor grows and get so envious lol it makes me really wanna retire to a 420 state.
I love how its for ‘shits&giggles’ i need every hope and prayer i can get in my secret garden :wink:

P.s this guys a gal :slight_smile:


Looks great. My first thought is. One busy harvest season. Trimming is so time consuming


I started nutes with 5-1-1 fish emulsions and have been supplementing the soil with EM-1 that I fermented. I ordered the dynagrow veg and flower yesterday.


No worries there its a labor of love. I put myself through college growing indoor in the 90s and I look forward to my favorite “finger hash” again…


Nice looking garden! I’m in, can’t wait to see the forest in a few months :slight_smile: :+1:


Looks great !!!

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Nice looking garden. I put a 30% shade cloth over my garden and that shade cloth sure helps to keep the plants happy.

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Looks like my Sour Diesel is getting chlorosis. I am using tap water with an activated charcoal filter attached to remove particulates and chlorine. My guess is the PH is off as the water is pretty hard here. I’ll have to get a meter and check ph and TDS.

Ok I used a cheapie spa water quality test strip to check water with the filter attached. Looks like the pH is high around 8. The alkalinity is high around 180 ppm. Calcium hardness is also high around 450 ppm.
Hmm what should I use to bring down pH?

anyone have any experience using malic acid to lower pH?

A pic update after two days of DynaGrow nutes treatment. Also I have been spraying neem every evening.


checked my pH and TDS after watering. Looks like 7.6 and 1400! respectively. I need to flush and lower pH. That would explain the yellowing of the lower leaves.

its hot as hell here today! 109 deg I watered down everything really well and am giving the girls some misting to help bring down the temps.

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Yesterday I discovered that I had gotten an infestation of caterpillars. They came on extremely quick and had already started to destroy the Chocolope. They were so small and hard to find but I saw their droppings on the leaves. I immediately hand picked as many as I could off the leaves and went to the store and bought some BT. I decided to harvest the Chocolope as it would be a losing battle since that one took the brunt of the attack.

After harvesting the chocolope I examined the soil and root system and came to the conclusion that I had too much bark in the cheapie raised bed soil mix and it was locking up nitrogen and causing too much water retention. Hence why I was seeing chlorosis on the lower leaves, stunted growth and early flowering.

I am going to change my strategy and early harvest these gals as quickly as possible.