2018 Compassionate Xmas Essay

I would love to hear from all of you, which ILGM member you feel would benefit the most from a gift of genetics and why? This should be some in need or with medical afflictions that limit their ability to buy products or genetics. This contest was established in my little brain. There will be no votes counted, only essays read and judged by myself and a couple staff.

I look forward to reading all your essays. ILGM Santa in the house…

Peace through this holiday season lw :santa:


I think the person that deserves the gift is…Raustin. As I was a newcomer she greeted me and made me feel welcome and at home. And ever since I have been here she has helped me with my grow tremendously. Whenever I drop that little @ sign tagged with her name I would say she gets back to me almost immediately 99 percent of the time. She has a life after all. And it’s not just me I see her tagged for emergency assistance A LOT.
I think if we looked at it from the point of deserving a gift for all the good she has done would be compassionate. I wish I could give her a gift as I am sure others would as well. I am sure there are a lot of on the board who really could use the gift, but Raustin REALLY DESERVES it…:christmas_tree:She’s ILGMs Angel.


Much appreciated. However, I would prefer someone able to put them to better use receive them.

I spent most of the afternoon thinking of someone to nominate, it’s definitely more difficult than I expected. There are so many great people here! I can think of a dozen people off top of my head that would be easy to nominate. All for different reasons, none to be outdone by the others.

At the end of the day, I’d really like to see the contributions that @Myfriendis410 makes to the group recognized. The amount of time and detail he puts into helping new growers is second to none. I know what it’s like to copy link after link, as well as a detailed description of why each component is important. I’m not really sure how he does it day in and day out, never getting impatient or burned out.

In addition to that, the guy is a wealth of knowledge. It really seems like there is nothing he hasn’t tried or is doing. From different growing techniques, medium, nutrients, pesticides, diy projects, and just about anything you can think of. He’s ALWAYS able to offer some sort of feedback, and more importantly spot on accurate advice.

Perhaps more importantly than any of that, what an awesome guy to chit chat with. I don’t believe I’ve met a more selfless and generous person. Someone I hold in very high regard here told me that the idea of ILGM was to be for the grower by the grower, and to help anyone in need enjoy the benefits of top quality home grown cannabis. I can’t think of a single member who represents that better.

As much as I appreciate the kind words from you guys, I’m in plenty good shape on seeds. I promise I’ll continue to help with lights or anything else I’m able haha! Send your nomination to myfriendis410 or anyone else you feel is deserving for whatever reason. Have a great Christmas or whatever you celebrate, and a happy new year!


I personally have not seen anyone put in more time and effort into helping other people with no thought of anything in return like @dbrn32.

Ive seem him send lights to people free off charge that he built personally and i have not witnessed even one person goto lengths like that, not saying they don’t exist, i just haven’t seen them.

I think everyone on this forum who has had a light question can attest that he has been worth his weight in gold in information and help that he had provided other members.

My next choice would be @Myfriendis410.

This guy drove seven hours to meet me in Vegas and made sure i had bud because i couldn’t travel from Texas with it, that’s effort and helpfulness if i have ever seen it.


This is where I’m at: @dbrn32 has done far more than I ever have (or probably will). I am grateful to everyone here weighing in, but you are all my peers and at a similar level of growth with your own insights to offer to the conversation. I’m just happy to have a community to share with.

Thanks, Rob! Matt! James! Tim!

nice sentiment, not an entry


I agree this is a tough one since there’s so many amazing people here offering help to others with nothing in return. Do I really have to choose one?

I’d say @raustin @blackthumbbetty @Myfriendis410 And @dbrn32 would be my top even though he won’t take it. There’s several more that deserve to be in that list. Those are just the most standout people at the moment.

I’m glad to see Latewood thinking to do something for the great people here. Have a merry Christmas to all here. And thanks to ILGM for the great site to share our success and failures alike.

did not follow guidelines. Nice post, though


Merry Christmas


I have read 2- almost 3 essays. although I have no issue gifting something to a member who helps out; I feel we missed the point of the essay.

The essay is supposed to reflect a member in need of medical marijuana, that is sick and possibly does not have the means to order seeds themselves. It is not a vote. Mentioning that you vote for someone odes not show a medical or financial need.

I hope this clarification helps you all in addressing the true intent of the “Compassionate Essay”

I do love that you all are participating in the spirit of giving.

lw :mrs_claus:


This isn’t going to be a long or eloquent essay. Not even sure I’d call it an essay.
Simply put, @SmoknGranny deserves some ILGM compassion. She’s had the worst growing luck, piled on top of what life keeps throwing at her.

not an essay but, is with spirit of idea


@latewood it’s good to be the king eh? :laughing: It’s wonderful ya’ll are doing this!!! Need to be more medicated before inspired for an essay (which this is clearly not).


Dear Latewood

The purpose of this essay is a simple request to please strongly consider @SmoknGranny as a recipient who very much deserves some compassion and love from this community and ILGM. She’s had to walk uphill in the snow both ways in life lately, and does so with much love in her heart. Her new indoor Sneaky Garden will greatly benefit from your generosity.

Everyone has a Granny, and she is ours. Please don’t leave Granny in the cold.

Big internet hugs to all :wink::wink::wink::wink:


Awesome @DaGoose I appreciate your kind words and cant think of a better person!

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This is a hard thing to do, there are so many worthy people who grace these forums. We have had a few suffer losses this year, people and pets, and there is just nothing worse than that. We have others who are fighting their demons and diseases, and finding at least some relief through the plant we all love and the people around us. There are many who just give, through their knowledge and kindness, who boost our confidence and help in ways that are hard to explain sometimes. And the fact that you always feel welcome, safe, and comfortable even after not posting in a while…

I honestly could not pick one person over another, as there are many who are worthy and deserving, including the admins and Robert himself, for giving us this haven away from the nastyness that is our world.

So in closing, All I have left to say is, much love, and what ever holiday you choose to celebrate, Enjoy it to the fullest. Merry Xmas everyone and I hope Santa gives you all free seeds…


What si sad I feel is that there is more than one person worthy of a present. I wanted to find out who would step up without remorse and make someone else happy.

Not choosing is admirable but, a waste of time


I have been lurking and learning for 2 years. Most here battle the struggles of daily life. Initially we arrive here with little more than the desire to learn to grow good weed. Then you read, learn, watch, and after awhile you know who interests you. For me, I have been taught by so many great members, but there’s one tough sob that still makes me smile when I see his avatar show up. Through good times and bad, this guy is one of life’s true warriors. You initially asked who would “benefit” from a gift. @MAXHeadRoom I want to watch you grow them beans . We are the ones who will benefit.


I feel that @SmoknGranny deserves some love from ilgm. She has been like a Granny to us all, at one time or another. She’s always there with encouragement or a helping tag.

Unfortunately, she has been absent from the forum lately. She still keeps up with other members via txt. As most of us already know, a series of unfortunate events have taken a toll on her this year. “She doesn’t want to bring the mood down around here.”

She is working on moving her grow indoors this coming year. Besides herself, she is also growing for sick friends. She takes care of the ones she loves. Ilgm, can we do the same for her this holiday season?


Nice job @Budbrother🙌


I really can’t pick anyone because everyone on here I 'm sure has a few issues they are dealing with. Plus everyone I have ever dealt with has been generous with their knowledge and it has helped me with all my grows. I love this forum and missed it while I was away for a while. However, I am back and believe the forum has even gotten better since my absence. It’s just so nice this time of year when everyone on the site is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, peace and love. This is just a great place to be and I enjoy spending time here.

That being said I’d like to nominate everyone on this site for being just the greatest bunch of guys and gals. Thanks for all your help. Peace and Love.



Nice sentiment but, no one gets a prize. We had several prizes if members just wrote a short thought of compassion about another member. I guess we will save the extra presents for next year. :santa:

Nice essay but, no one gets a present because, you did not support anyone. Maybe next year :santa: