2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


She looked so good up until the beginning of this month.

One of these days, I’ll have a grow w/o major issues.


I’m betting it’s something simple that’s being overlooked. Hopefully doing your next journal in the lab someone there will be able to figure it out.


That’s what I’m hoping!


After I’m done trimming, I’ll be able to get to my tent to take pics of her. I will admit that with all this harvesting, she’s been getting minimal attention. She was looking pretty good up to a few days ago.


Attention wh*re maybe? Just go smoke a bowl n chat with her. Compliment her eyes. Always golden


Yesterday, when I opened her tent, I gasped and begged, “Oh, please, baby, don’t do this to me.”


You got this. No worries. Like @PurpNGold74 said maybe she’s just being needy.


I think letting her get too dry was what started this. Girls don’t like that.


Buy her something shiny. Like a nice loupe…

Also. With the green disappearing from the tent. Maybe that dropped ur humidity n she can ‘feel’ the missing sisters? :man_shrugging:t5::joy:

Ahh u did say watering fixed. That may also b it


Absolutely! Plus, I let the humidity drop, anyway, b/c everyone was/is near the end of bloom.

I might put the humidifier back in for a little bit.


That sounds like a good idea to me. If she’s a little thirsty that humidity will help keep her from drying out so fast. So it shouldn’t hurt any at minimum.


Now I gotta make some r/o water to fill it.

Don’t let my JBerry mishap dissuade you from growing one. I still fully plan on using her in the grow-off.


I need j berry and pineapple chunk… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: ill be poking u once my access code comes thru


Oh no. She’s still gonna be my girl for it. I’m trying to get a separate tent and light for it but not sure I’ll be able to afford it in time. If not I’ll hopefully get it in January and move her over to it.


If shipping didn’t cost so much, I have a 2x4 tent I don’t need anymore. I’d gladly get with you in the lab to make arrangements.


Sounds good. That would be perfect size.


Alright I’m done watching the NASA Insight landing recording. I’m gonna go drain my system and refill for transition nutes.


Guess I should get back to trimming, huh?


Lol yep break time is over :joy::rofl:


I’m looking forward to it.