2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


Alright, looks like Sour Melon has stopped yellowing. Hopefully, this means she’ll start greening up, again, soon.

I’m not posting pics now. I plan on posting comparison pics on Wednesday, though, when hopefully you’ll be able to see the progression from before flush, during flush, immediately after flush, and a week after flush.

You all don’t need to see them, now. You’ll freakthafukout.


Also…Bloody Skunk, Bloody Skunk…such beautiful stinky purple…collections of calyxes. Seems like it’s going to be like the LSD-25 auto: extremely potent & beautiful, but some very weird looking buds.

Her root system is kind of weak. When I flushed her, I tipped her container over a bit to dump out the excess run-off, and noticed the base of her trunk was really wiggly. Seems as if her roots didn’t develop well. I should have guessed from her sad, sad thin trunk.

Everyone else has monster stalks & is very, very firmly rooted. No wiggling in the soil.


My Kushy bagseed has wiggly trunk n kinda split herself halfway. I thought she was gon die… anywho we want a quickie! Show me what you working with!


I found a bag of trim from last February & picked out a couple smokable popcorn buds. Tastes like ass, but I’m nice & high.

Y’all gotta stop me from harvesting Bloody Skunk before Friday. She’s
JUST ready now, but I want her to go til Friday.


Deal! Where dem :scissors: at?


I’ve got 2 pairs of trimming shears, cleaned, sharpened, ready to go!

Talk me down! Don’t start posting scissor emojis!


Put them up. Give em to wifey. :joy::joy:

I askd where so i could hide them.


Don’t do it!




Oh, it wouldn’t be today or Sunday…Monday is when you need to put me on watch.


Ah…lol! Yeah, nobody’s getting my scissors…except Bloody Skunk. Mwahahahahaha!


Old larf tastes gross but my brain is all mushy, now. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::+1::joy:


Im over here DYING LAUGHING! ILGM please make a app with audio chat. Or at least enable audio messaging


Just commented on something fman posted. Anybody wanna bet he goes all incel on me, again? Lol!


You’ve been withholding pics of the bloody skunk. She’s a lovely lady and going to be a great smoke… but only if you leave her alone until it’s really time.

And lol at the rest of this convo so much funny so little likes lol


I just shared pics the other day! :grinning: No change since. I’ll share some trich shots Monday. I’m trying to use my fancy microscopes to take pics for you guys, but I just can’t keep my hands steady.


As of now…I’m seriously thinking about chopping Bloody Skunk in the am, before lights on. It’s all I can think about. She’ll be at day 74 from germination, 78 from seed. Trichs all cloudy, about 5% amber.

I’m doing it! Yep!


Noooooo lol wait 2 more days at least. Give her 10 weeks to the day. :wink::sob::sob:


She already had 10 weeks…last Thursday.

She will be 74 days from opening her cotyledons tomorrow. When I say days from germ, I mean days officially out of the seed husk. :grinning:


Oh well then chop chop lol